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Wisconsin constituent: Governor must go for failing to protect cities, residents

Prior to August 2020, Kenosha, Wisconsin, was best known as a one-time home of carmakers, for its view of Lake Michigan, and being the home of Christopher Latham Sholes, the inventor of the typewriter.

For the foreseeable future, Kenosha will now be known as the home of the Jacob Blake riots, which have brought death, mayhem and a sense of hopelessness to many residents, especially for business owners who must try to piece their lives back together.

Yet one Wisconsin woman hopes Kenosha will be the beginning of the end of Democratic Gov. Tony Evers’s term.

Misty Polewczynski, a Burlington, Wisconsin, resident whose brother lives in Kenosha, has launched an effort to make Evers the subject of a recall election. She also wants the same for Lt. Gov. Mandela Barnes, also a Democrat.

“The citizens of Wisconsin right now feel extremely unsafe,” Polewczynski told the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel. “We’re not willing to stand by and watch our cities burn.”

Evers, like other elected Democrats around the country, such as the mayors of Portland, Seattle and Chicago, has mostly stood idly by as rioters and looters attacked bystanders and businesses, while also criticizing President Donald Trump’s calls to quell the violence.

Evers may have even exacerbated the situation in Kenosha.

In his initial comments about the shooting of Blake, who was shot in the back multiple times as he resisted arrest for outstanding warrants, including one for sexual assault, and was later found to have a knife, Evers appeared to side with violent protesters criticizing police.

“While we do not have all of the details yet, what we know for certain is that he is not the first Black man or person to have been shot or injured or mercilessly killed at the hands of individuals in law enforcement in our state or our country,” Evers said.

He continued, “We stand with all those who have and continue to demand justice, equality and accountability for Black lives in our country — lives like those of George Floyd, of Breonna Taylor, Tony Robinson, Denise Hamilton, Earnest Lacy, and Sylville Smith. And we stand against excessive use of force and immediate escalation when engaging with Black Wisconsinites.”

In recent days, the police union’s lawyer has pushed back against comments like those of Evers and accounts of Blake’s shooting by the media and activists, calling them “purely fictional” because they left out details of the incident, including that he had the knife.

Polewczynski told the Journal-Sentinel that she’s also been frustrated by Evers’s actions in dealing with the pandemic, including his stay-at-home orders and mask mandate.

Polewczynski must gather 670,000 signatures within 60 days to make the recall vote a reality.

But, she said she’s confident.

She set up a Facebook page on Wednesday to spread the word of the recall initiative. As of Sunday night, it had 40,457 followers.

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  1. Anthony Walter Sleck August 31, 2020

    Where do I sign? Ask any Democrat, they’ll tell you. “It’s mostly peaceful protesting”. Where are these people at to call it peaceful? They must be living in a gated mansion, with armed security to protect them. But, there’s no need for walls or residents to own guns for self defense. Rip down their walls, and get rid of their armed security. Than let’s see them call it peaceful protesting.

  2. Pollky August 31, 2020

    He was probably paid by Soros

  3. Daulerio Eileen August 31, 2020

    All Democrat states run by Dems in Mayor or Governor should be taken out of command for these states ! I wonder WHY only the Demo run states which are most should be removed from office, but you see, they all were promised greater things to come after the ELECTION . They , the Democrats will kill anybody that gets in their way. To show us American are better to listen to SATAN ! Democrats are SATAN, they will never let Trump will the election by votes. I hope you know what I’m saying”” the Democrats are all evil and George Soros is the one person funding all these riot ? YES !! Yes 90% have Soros to do all the dirty work !!!

  4. Alex Czeranko August 31, 2020

    A citizen of the United States exercising their Constitutional right of recalling an elected official. I hope she is able to get double the signatures needed as the Democrats in charge will probably invalidate signatures. If I lived in Wisconsin I would sign it

  5. Jane Stacy September 1, 2020

    any mayor or govener that doesnt stop the violence from day 1 remove from office

  6. Richard Clark September 1, 2020

    Misty Polewczynski, can you provide me with details for your website?

  7. Kathleen September 2, 2020

    All governors and mayors that allow the violence and rioting to continue should be removed immediately from office. The democrats are fomenting anarchy due to their craving for power and hatred of the USA. They are mentally unfit for office . Pelosi and her gang should be relieved of duty. Our country is under attack by the likes of Soros and other radical billionaires that live in the WORLD. Soros is banned from his own country Hungary we should do the same. He nearly destroyed Britain’s monetary system. He and his cronies are pure evil. This type of evil requires prayer and hard work to eradicate , we weren’t vigilant enough in the past. We need to restore law and order and demand respect for those deserving of it ! Not some sports or Hollywood idol that is shallow and immoral. Such as Kaepernak and other radical sorts figures who trash our country and Flag. Let them move to a socialist country. Football and Basketball and Hockey all sports should be censored by all people who love this country. We are in our life.

  8. butch thorson September 11, 2020

    he’s gotta go

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