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Ratcliffe: China made coronavirus worse

In response to a global campaign by China to deflect blame for the spread of coronavirus, the Director of National Intelligence (DNI) says that China is not only responsible but made the virus’s effect on the world worse.

In an interview on Sunday with Maria Bartiromo on Fox News, DNI John Ratcliffe clarified where COVID-19 originated:

“The first cluster of cases occurred in Wuhan, China… We assess with high confidence it originated in Wuhan, China.”

Since coronavirus became a global pandemic, the Chinese Communist Party has engaged in a campaign to resist accepting blame, perhaps to avoid financial liability and, in some cases, claim the virus was produced by the U.S. military.

Ratcliffe says that China failed the international community once it discovered the virus in Wuhan:

“We also know that this virus was allowed to spread from China because of the Chinese Communist Party officials, who, when they became aware of its transmissibility from human to human, they suppressed it. They downplayed it within their own community, the medical community, and then they tried to pressure foreign governments and international organizations not to take actions like travel bans or evacuating citizens. And then ultimately they engaged in a campaign to deflect blame from China.”

President Trump received heavy criticism for being the first world leader to ban flights from China in late January. Democrats and many in the press corps suggested the ban was based on “racism” and “xenophobia” at the time, then later claimed that the president had “blood on his hands” for not doing it sooner.

Ratcliffe blames much of the global mayhem on China for its actions following the discovery of the virus:

“But for China’s actions, this virus could have been contained to China, and but for China’s actions, even if it had spread, countries could have been better positioned with PPE (personal protective equipment) and ventilators and had a running start with regard to therapeutics and vaccines had the Chinese Communist Party not kept that information from the rest of the world. They are a bad international actor, and that is why they should not be allowed to set international standards instead of the United States.”

Director Ratcliffe’s reference to the “Chinese Communist Party” is apparently intended to distinguish between the communist-run government of China and the vast citizenry, many of which are victims of China’s state government oppression.

PHOTO: AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

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