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Rittenhouse attorney blocked on Twitter, tells CEO ‘I’m going to take your a** down’

An attorney for 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse, Lin Wood, was locked out of Twitter yesterday after the company said that his Twitter posts helping to raise money for Rittenhouse’s defense “glorified violence.”

“Wood said he was locked out of his Twitter account for nine hours on Tuesday night after he started tweeting about raising funds for Rittenhouse’s legal defense,” reports the U.K.’s Daily Mail.  

Wood says that he is planning on suing Twitter and CEO Jack Dorsey for the lock down of his account.

“I knew they were going to censor me because I’m sending a message of hope,” Wood, told Fox News. “I’m sending a message of truth. And I’m sending a message that Kyle Rittenhouse is innocent.”

“I’m going to take Jack Dorsey’s a** down,” Wood said of Twitter’s CEO. “He has been abusing the First Amendment of this country for his own agenda.”

Conservatives have grown increasingly frustrated and angry about social media censorship that seems to only affect conservatives, is un-American and violates the First Amendment’s right to say what we please politically.

Twitter later said that the account was locked incorrectly, using the pseudo-Stalinist term “actioned.”

“This account was incorrectly actioned,” a Twitter spokesperson said. “This has been reversed and the account has been reinstated.”

But such statements won’t mollify conservative critics of Big Tech who warn that a reckoning is coming as social media giants become increasingly aggressive in shutting down expressions of conservative ideology.

“Congress can’t sit idly by as Big Tech uses its outsized influence to unfairly shut companies out of the marketplace, cozies up to communist China, and silences conservative voices,” warned Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) who is a member of the House Judiciary Committee on antitrust.

The issues aren’t just ones of censorship.

Big tech is also stealing from small businesses and engaged in other anti-competitive practices that are as old as the practices of the coal, railroad and Standard Oil monopolies but also used by today’s Chinese communist monopoly.

“These brazen and anti-competitive moves were only possible because Big Tech holds a monopolistic advantage in the marketplace,” says Buck. “There’s no other way an American company could get away with a move straight from the Chinese Communist Party’s corporate espionage playbook.”

Or the communist censorship playbook.

Referring to conservative opinion as the “World of the Blocked,” attorney Wood seemed to gain strength from the short-lived Twitter ban.

“I will settle for you spending the rest of your uninformed, prejudiced & agenda-driven life in the World of the Blocked, Unsinkable,” he warned liberal critics last night.

“I am about to sink you there, Unsinkable! Bye, Unsinkable!”

PHOTO: Scott Olson/Getty

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  1. Christine Taylor September 2, 2020

    I have been locked of of facebook numerous times for the same exact reason .most recently Tuesday . Of course when i mention that i will reach out to congress about the matter they always claim it was a mistake and unlock my account

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