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FBI warns of Chicago gangs’ ‘shoot cops on sight’ plan

The FBI has warned that some of the country’s most vicious gangs in one of America’s most gang-dominated cities have forged a pact to shoot police on sight if the cops have their weapons drawn.

“A federal intelligence alert obtained by the ABC7 I-Team has gone out to Chicago-area law enforcement with an ominous warning: nearly three dozen cold-blooded street gangs ‘have formed a pact to shoot on-sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public,'” reports local Chicago’s ABC News 7.

While some dismissed the idea of gangs forming coalition to go “cop hunting” as merely an informal talk and suggestion amongst gang members, Chicago’s top cop is taking the threat seriously.

“I think it’s bigger than a suggestion,” said Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown according to the New York Post. “I think 51 officers being shot at or shot in one year, I think that quadruples any previous year in Chicago’s history. So I think it’s more than a suggestion that people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

The alliance allegedly has been formed by gangs that belong to the Peoples Nation, a loose confederation of gangs in Chicago made up of Black P. Stones, Vice Lords, Latin Kings, Latin Counts, and Gaylords amongst others.

The Nation is allied with the Bloods alliance in Los Angeles.

The Black P Stones is one of the city’s largest gangs with an estimated 100,000 members according to law enforcement sources and has ties to Muslim Black radical movements from the 1960s.

They are certainly capable of killing cops or anyone else that they don’t like.

Last year, Black P Stone members Dwright Boone-Doty, 26, and Corey Morgan, 31, were sentenced to 155 years collectively for enticing 9-year Tyshawn Lee into an alley in Chicago with an offer to buy him snacks and then shooting him to death a close range.

“When Tyshawn raised his right hand to block the bullets, part of his thumb was shot off,” reports USA Today.

Tyshawn was killed because his father belonged to a rival gang.

“On the day Boone-Doty first appeared in court accused of killing Tyshawn, he laughed about the murder and said he was writing a rap about it,” said USA Today.

Federal authorities didn’t respond to media inquiries asking for more information about the intelligence alert of gangs targeted cops and Chicago police have said that they are taking precautions against gang-inspired ambushes.

The development won’t help Black residents of the city feel any safer. Already under siege from record violence in Chicago, the threat from gang members to shoot-on-sight will likely slow down police response to the most violent parts of the city.  

One Chicago Alderman, Raymond Lopez (D), has asked the city to take extraordinary measures to stop the violence and protect citizens and cops alike.

“With 121 people shot in Chicago last week, civil unrest continuing and organized agitators waiting in the shadows, will the City Council ask for a declaration of a State of Emergency in Chicago?” he asked.

Previously, Chicago’s Mayor Lori Lightfoot has called Lopez “full of sh*t.”


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