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D.C. Mayor hits keep coming as BLM chants outside her home

Black Lives Matter (BLM) protesters migrated to D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser’s house this morning and chanted “If we don’t get no justice, you don’t get no sleep,” after D.C. Metro Police shot and killed an 18-year-old Black man on Wednesday.

“They spent around an hour outside the [Mayor’s] property” reports the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “arguing with cops who arrived at the request of a neighbor, before a larger police presence drove to the scene and they left.”

The last few days have been tough on Bowser, 48, who has been D.C. mayor since 2015.

Browser is in trouble from all sides in the racial justice debate, as are a lot of U.S. mayors who want to side with BLM but also want to be seen as law and order mayors; who want to protect homes and businesses, but find it hard to face the rage of the racial justice warriors.  

As a result, Bowser is getting kicked around in several different directions.

Yesterday, Browser played to the BLM crowd with suggestions that various sacrosanct U.S. monuments, like the Washington Monument and the Jefferson Memorial, be moved, presumably out of D.C.

Her suggestions were met with incredulity by the White House.

“As long as President Trump is in the White House, the mayor’s irresponsible recommendations will go absolutely nowhere … she ought to be ashamed for even suggesting them for consideration,” said a White House statement by Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany.

She also is in hot water with the U.S. Attorney’s office in Washington, D.C. after suggesting that the office try to prosecute rioters arrested by the Metro police even though the D.C. Metro Police Department (MPD) hasn’t offered any evidence or any charges in the arrests.

“In a letter to Mayor Bowser, U.S. Attorney Michael Sherwin fires back at the mayor,” says local WJLA News 7, “saying there was a lack of evidence to establish probable cause, such as a police officer’s observation or video footage, and therefore cannot bring federal charges.”

Bowser has alternately praised protests and condemned the violence that comes with it.

Two days ago, she claimed that the violence was coming from “outside groups,” but not from BLM.

“Those outside groups of people: We don’t know who they are, necessarily who funds them, who organizes them,” she said according to NPR, “but we know they came together to create havoc. And they are not the same as our residents who proudly say Black Lives Matter.”

The MPD claims that 70 percent of the 27 people arrested between August 28-31 came from outside D.C. While technically correct, an analysis of MPD’s statistics show that 15 out of 27 came from the D.C. metro area, which includes Maryland and Virginia, four have residences that are unknown to law enforcement, and eight are from outside the metro area, which would mean that just 30 percent of protesters came from outside D.C., a city known for carpetbagging from Capitol Hill to Fort Meade. 

But, whatever the true numbers are, it’s adding up to trouble from all sides for Mayor Bowser—and Bowser’s neighbors.

PHOTO: Alex Brandon / AP Photo

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  1. Bemused Berserker September 3, 2020

    Bowser needs recalled. This woman is an idiot and does not have the community’s best interests. Tar and Feather her and run her out of town on a rail.

  2. cecile September 3, 2020

    Catering to criminals is not the right thing – lock up the rioters

  3. mike September 3, 2020

    She too is a political puppet causing chaos for the election of Biden, and to move the party to socialist platform. They have any regard for citizens, or human life, everyone involved in the movement are willing to die for cause. Biden is doing it for the money.

  4. Chuck September 3, 2020

    Recalled hell the dumb asses in DC will reelect her.

  5. wilfred September 3, 2020

    Bowser, is just another forked tonged, ‘digbat’, going where ever the wind blows hardest.

  6. CrustyOldGeezer September 3, 2020

    When she ran for the mayor position, she MADE PROMISES, and EACH PROMISE is a CONTRACTUAL OBLIGATION!

    She made the PROMISE to get the votes.


    She has shown that she is COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED, and THAT IS FRAUD!

    My VOTE has Enormous MONETARY VALUE



    Now all that is needed is a visit to the local DA with the message that the office holder guaranteed to the People an EQUAL PROMISE OF QUALIFIED PERFORMANCE!

  7. jim September 3, 2020

    How the heck did the simpleton ever get electeed to begin with?

  8. Nellie September 3, 2020

    Is the Portland Mayor moving to a more secure area? Does he get free security from our law Enforcement agencies?

  9. Jane Stacy September 5, 2020

    time to reign in these assholes and all the democratic mayors that did nothing jail them

  10. butch thorson September 7, 2020

    Agree 100%

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