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COVID vaccine could arrive before election

The CDC is telling states to prepare to distribute a COVID vaccine as early as late October according to documents obtained by the New York Times and CNN.

“The documents were posted by The New York Times and the CDC confirmed to CNN it has sent them to city and state public health officials. The scenarios offer details about distribution for two Covid-19 vaccines when supplies ‘may be constrained,’” says CNN.

The documents suggest that mass vaccinations won’t be available, and that there should be a hierarchy for those who get vaccinated.

“Healthcare professionals, essential workers, national security ‘populations’ and long-term care facility residents and staff,” should be the first to get vaccinated, say the documents according to CNN.

The head of Infectious Disease Prevention, Dr. Anthony Fauci, says that the trials involving 30,000 people could end early if the Phase 3 clinical trials the vaccines are currently in shows overwhelmingly that the vaccines are both safe and effective.

Phase 3 trials are typically where drugs are shown to be effective. Phase and 1 and 2 trials are typically where drugs are shown to be safe.

“The independent board, Fauci said, could decide ‘the data is so good right now that you can say it’s safe and effective.’ If the clinical trials were to produce results that are overwhelmingly positive, scientists would have a ‘moral obligation’ to stop the trial early and make the vaccine available to all participants in the study, speeding up the process to make it more widely available,” says CBS News.

“In trials of this size, researchers will know if a vaccine is effective after as few as 150 to 175 infections, said Dr. Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in a call with reporters Friday,” reports St Louis Today.

“It may be surprising, but the number of events that need to occur is relatively small,” Redfield said, meaning that they can test efficacy with only a few infections.

The Trump administration wants to distribute up to 300 million vaccinations by January, cutting through regulatory red-tape that often sees vaccine development take at least five years.

“Pandemic planning exercises have for years included recommendations that the federal government ready a distribution network while scientists work on a vaccine,” says CNN. “The Trump administration has said it’s doing this.”

Why this wasn’t done previously with some of the tens of billions of dollars spent by the CDC each year on public health is unclear. It’s probably the same reason why they can’t explain exactly why masks work or don’t work. And why BLM protests don’t spread the virus.

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