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Trump and Pompeo impose new restrictions on Chinese diplomats in U.S.

The Trump administration has slapped new restrictions on Chinese diplomats operating in the U.S. to help stem the tide of communist spying and theft according to an announcement by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Wednesday.

“Under the new restrictions, senior Chinese diplomats in the U.S. will be required to receive approval from the State Department to visit college campuses or meet with local government officials,” reports Politico.

Also, Chinese diplomatic officials will be prevented from holding events for more than 50 people outside of the official Chinese embassy or consulate grounds without prior approval by the U.S government.

U.S. diplomats in China have operated under these same restrictions imposed by the Chinese government for years, says Pompeo.

“With the new rules, Pompeo said, the U.S. is ‘simply demanding reciprocity’ from the Chinese government,” says Politico.

Politico reports that the Trump administration is also pressing social media sites to start identifying official Chi-Com government social media accounts publically.  

“The moves come as the administration ramps up actions against Chinese officials in a widening effort to counter what it says is unfair treatment of American diplomats in China,” reports the New York Times. “And they come as relations between the two countries continue to plummet amid a numerous disputes over trade, Taiwan, Tibet, human rights, Hong Kong and the coronavirus pandemic.”

Meanwhile, the Chinese Communist Party has renewed offensive attacks against Trump Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, widely publicizing a Washington Post editorial saying Pompeo will go down as one of the worst secretaries of states ever.

They have also released a trailer on a documentary about Pompeo being produced by Communist state TV called “Slave to three families: Pompeo’s absurd life.”

“Evil deception. No lower limit. Enemy of mankind. Political virus…you ask him to go east, he will never go west; You ask him to bite someone, and he will immediately open his mouth,” begins the one-minute preview of the documentary.

Pompeo brushed off the communist propaganda, laughing that they have labeled him the “common enemy of mankind” previously.  

Pompeo has also said that he hopes to close down the Beijing-supported Confucius Institutes, the supposed Chinese cultural centers that operate in colleges and universities throughout the U.S. For years, the centers have been suspected of helping China spy and steal research from U.S universities.

“I think everyone’s coming to see the risk associated with them,” Pompeo told Lou Dobbs on the Fox Business Network, accusing the Chinese-government funded institutes of working to recruit ‘spies and collaborators’ at U.S. colleges according to Reuters.

“I think these institutions can see that, and I’m hopeful we will get them all closed out before the end of this year.”


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  1. Alexandre September 4, 2020

    Good, f@&$ Communism and Socialism! Personally we should embargo China and pressure all our allies to do the same, just to make Chinese Communism fall!

  2. Kenney C Kennedy September 4, 2020

    Chinese have U.S. over Depression over Freedom. But Commies have no limits, which the Democrats are rats in ships to wreck the U.S. continually.

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