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Threatening skull left on Iowa couple’s lawn

An elderly couple in Iowa woke up to a big surprise on Monday. A plastic skull covered in profanity and threats was left near a campaign sign for President Donald Trump in the couple’s yard.

Steve and Anita Keve are both members of their local county Republican Party and have always displayed candidate signs in their yard. This is the first election they have ever been targeted because of their political beliefs.

“I just want people to know that to me, that is a personal threat,” said Anita Keve.

The skull was filled with hateful messages written in black permanent marker. Many of the messages are not appropriate for print but one of the most shocking was a very hurtful message clearly aimed at the couple’s age.

“I hope you die before you can vote,” the skull read.

The Keves say that they have never worried about property damage in the past but feel that the skull is a threat. The local party was successful in raising the necessary funds to install security cameras at the couple’s home. Unfortunately, the cameras weren’t installed quick enough. On Wednesday, the vandals returned and stole the Keves’ Trump sign along with at least six other Republican campaign signs.

The Cedar Falls Police Department said the skull was just a Halloween decoration; however, the eyes and mouth had been darkened with a marker or paint. They have opened an investigation into the matter and are increasing police patrols in the Keves’ neighborhood.

“Whenever we have an election and political signs we always see cases of vandalism,” said Mike Hayes with the Cedar Falls Police Department.

Hayes did acknowledge that threats written on a skull was certainly not normal and said it was a first for him.

The local Republican Party released a statement condemning the violence and called on the local Democratic Party to do the same.

“It might be normal to see political violence in Portland, OR or in Washington, D.C. but not in Cedar Falls, IA,” the statement read. “As Iowans, we must all condemn the increasing threatening behavior we are seeing in our communities.”

So far, the local Democrats have not commented on the incident.

PHOTO: Black Hawk County GOP Twitter

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