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This Week’s Top Cartoons

If anyone can say anything without telling anyone who they are and get it published, our mainstream media is little more than a rumor mill, internet chatroom, forum or social media outlet.

Trump jobs vs. Biden mobs.

America’s national debt is on its way to exceeding national GDP.

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  1. Carl T Smith September 8, 2020

    The last time the National Debt exceeded the nation’s GDP was during WWII? is Not the MEDIA DRIVEN HYSTERIA over COVID-19 causing the same outcome as WWII? Who was the Socialist who stated, ” We have nothing to Fear BUT Fear itself”? Where did ALL the other DEATHS suddenly vanish too? PPH has killed more people than the virus that the CDC was CREATED to be Prepared for! I’m convinced the best thing for the HEALTH of the Republic is to Turn OFF the Idiot Box and avoid Google and Twitter like the Plague’s they are.

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