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New York school teacher records himself saying ‘F*** police’ at BLM protest

A ninth-grade school teacher and assistant principal who participated in protests against police in Rochester, NY is under fire for posting a video of himself saying “F*** the police” on Facebook Live.

“Steven Lysenko, a ninth-grade teacher at Spencerport High School,” says the U.K.’s Daily Mail, “posted the clip on Facebook Live amid ongoing demonstrations over the death of black man Daniel Prude, who lost consciousness after police held a hood over his head.”

Police responded to calls from Prude’s brother and found him naked and non-compliant in the street outside his home. Prude, who apparently had a history of mental illness had also allegedly ingested PCP, was spitting at police, and was fitted with a “spitting hood” before he died in March.

“The Monroe County medical examiner listed the manner of death as homicide caused by ‘complications of asphyxia in the setting of physical restraint.’ The report cited excited delirium and acute intoxication by phencyclidine, or PCP, as contributing factors,” says the Daily Mail.

Previously, the police had been cleared by an internal review of any wrongdoing in Prude’s death. But the family demanded the release of the video from the arrest.

Lysenko has posted other content on social media, upbraiding current and former students for disagreeing with him politically saying, “To any students — past or present — who follow me here: know that when you post ‘#WhiteLivesMatter, you are condoning White Supremacy. In that I will not abide!”  

As an assistant principal, Lysenko traditionally would be responsible for disciplinary matters at school.

“After the footage [of Lysenko] went viral over the weekend the school district posted to Twitter Saturday to apologize and say it ‘will be addressed as a confidential, personnel matter,’” says the Daily Mail.  

But the school district didn’t go out of its way to distance itself from Lysenko, saying that it “stands in solidarity in support of racial equality and systemic change,” but said nothing in support of the cops who protect the schools.

One Twitter user asked how many kids of law enforcement officers might be alienated by such a video from a person in authority at the school.

“Mr Lysenko, while trying to be some sort of activist, has actually alienated those students in your district who just so happen to have police as parents. ‘F the Police?’ I’m sure you have many righteous tax paying officers in your district who will cross paths with Mr Lysenko,” the user said.

Supporters of Lysenko have collected 3,500 signatures in defense of the New York teacher.

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  1. Chuck September 7, 2020

    The cops need to make a list of those protesting against them. If anyone on the list calls 911 And since they are against you just stand down let them figure it out.

  2. Emil Gamm September 7, 2020

    THis teacher needs to be fired. This not the way you teach. I don’t think any union would fight the firing.

  3. Michael Wilkinson September 7, 2020

    Lysenko should be fired immediately and his teaching credentials revoked. Tell me, did saying “Fu*k the Police” make you feel big? Did it make you feel important? You’re a racist dog wbo should not ever be allowed anywhere near a school! You’re a domestic terrorist and a enemy to the Republic. What a sack of ? you are! Get your Marxist ass OUT of my country!

    An AMERICAN PATRIOT ????????

  4. Al Meyer September 8, 2020

    Lysenko is a disgrace to his profession. I am an educator and am ashamed to be in the same catagory as this “person”. It is my hope that there are Police supporters in the Rochester, NY area, to counteract the behavior of this fool. The people that you criticize are the first to respond in an emergency and have to make decisions that may have consequences that can cost their life. Unlike you, they do not have the luxury of a prestine work environment, great pay, summers and every holiday known to mankind off. They are on call 24/7 for disasters and do serve and protect.

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