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New ad from fellow Democrat blasts NYC’s De Blasio as ‘worst mayor in the history of NYC’

A new video ad by fellow Democrat, New York Rep. Max Rose (NY), makes one point and only one point about New York’s hapless Mayor, Bill De Blasio (D). The ad says that De Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of New York City.

The 15-second ad features Rose in an open neck, short sleeve, gray shirt who looks at the camera angrily while waving his arms and says simply, in a thick Staten Island accent: “Bill De Blasio is the worst mayor in the history of New York City.”

After a pause for a few moments, he adds, “That’s it guys” while spreading his hands emphatically for emphasis. The ad goes dark, and you can hear him say off-handedly, “Seriously, that’s the whole ad.”

The ad is for Rose’s reelection bid in a race that thus far is seen as a toss-up, according to The Hill.

“Rose was one of several Democrats in 2018 to flip a GOP-held seat, defeating former Rep. Dan Donovan (R-N.Y.) by just under 4 points. He is running for reelection this year against State Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis,” says The Hill.

“The district is historically the most electorally conservative in New York City. The Cook Political Report rates it as a toss-up in the 2020 election,” the site adds.

“Just stating the facts in my latest ad #NY11,” said Rose on a Twitter post of the new ad.

De Blasio, not content to fight back on the facts, took a page from former U.S. Sen. William Scott (R-VA) who once called a press conference in 1974 to deny a liberal magazine’s charge that he was the “dumbest” man in Congress.

In a like manner, De Blasio’s press secretary tweeted out, wondering if Rose preferred controversial New York City Mayor Fernando Wood, a fierce critic of Abraham Lincoln, who suggested during the American Civil War that New York City become an independent city-state apart from both the Union and the Confederacy.

Wood served five years as the city’s mayor, but was also a long-time U.S. Representative to the House and served as the powerful chairman of the Ways and Means Committee.

One Twitter user blasted the De Blasio press secretary, saying that trying to compare De Blasio and Wood makes the Rose’s point for him.

“’My guy isn’t as bad as a former mayor who supported the Confederacy and opposed ending slavery’ is a hell of a take, but I guess that’s why they pay you the big bucks to run comms,” said the user.

Rose said that De Blasio is killing New York businesses, including businesses of constituents on Staten Island, and Rose is personally offended.

“This is as serious and as personal as it gets. When you open a restaurant, it’s not a 9-to-5. That’s your life, and your workers are your family,” Rose said according to The Hill. “You’ve invested everything you have in that. And now what we have in New York City with this mayor is he’s actively trying to kill them.”

PHOTO: Scott Heins/Getty Images

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  1. JohnR September 10, 2020

    Glad I do not live in NYC

  2. Jane smst September 10, 2020

    For a democrat Rose sounds sane. But if you want sane and free of corruption vote Republican. Two good qualities for the price of one.

  3. John E September 10, 2020

    When you have the truth on your side, as it is in this ad, you don’t need anything else! Well said Max Rose, well said !! And oh so true !!

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