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Rasmussen survey shows 17% of ‘strong’ Trump supporters less likely to reveal vote

A new survey by Rasmussen says that just as in the 2016 election, 17% of strong Trump supporters are less likely to reveal to others who they will vote for in 2020, setting up the possibility that the media will once again miss calling a Trump victory beforehand.  

“At this time in the 2016 election cycle with Trump already being regularly bashed by the media, his supporters were similarly less forthcoming about how they intended to vote, and pollsters, with the exception of Rasmussen Reports and a couple others, completely missed Trump’s surprise victory,” says the survey firm.

If anything, this year the news coverage of Trump is even more biased than in 2016, as members of the mainstream grow increasingly desperate and irresponsible in their coverage of President Trump.

The collapse of the Russia impeachment hoax has seen media journey further out into fantasy journalism, including the Ukrainian impeachment hoax, blaming Trump for the pandemic that originated in China, and false charges that Trump has bad-mouthed ordinary soldiers, in order to make sure he is defeated.

Bernard Goldberg, a media insider who used to hit the media for bias, but claimed it was liberal groupthink, not a conspiracy, says that under Trump the media has now joined the “resistance” and in fact, there is a conspiracy of media bias against Trump and conservatives.

“Yes, liberal groupthink is still a problem in America’s newsrooms,” Goldberg wrote in the Hill. “But now, in the age of Donald Trump, I believe there actually is a conspiracy” against conservatives.  

The problem, however, is that there are a growing number of ways for people to get their news and information even as the social media giants try to join “resistance journalism.”

And the resulting reaction is more enthusiasm for Trump, even if supporters are less willing to share that information amongst pollsters.

Trump himself has touted his “silent support” and even the media has had serious conversations with itself about “secret Trump voters” and how it may conceal a looming Trump victory.

One poll by Monmouth University in July showed Biden with a commanding 13-point lead amongst registered voters in Pennsylvania, with the caveat that many people suspected their neighbors of supporting Trump in secret.  

“The Monmouth University poll shows that 57% of registered voters in the key electoral battleground believe there are at least some so-called ‘secret voters’ in their community who support Trump but won’t tell anybody about it. The same poll shows just 27% believe there are secret Biden voters” says Bloomberg.

Current polls of Pennsylvania now show Trump and Biden statistically tied amongst likely voters, which bodes well for the silent majority, but not so great for the media who could end up misreporting the news again.

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