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Sarah Sanders speaks up on behalf of Trump and women

Sarah Huckabee Sanders, appearing on her father’s show Huckabee, said that her new book “Speaking for Myself” is her side of the story, the one that she never got tell when acting as press secretary for President Trump.

“For two and half years I spoke on behalf of the President,” she said, “and this is my turn to tell my side of the story and show the country who this man is behind the scenes: the generous, the kind, the compassionate person that he is.”

She also said she wanted to let people know who she was, why she wanted to work in the Trump White House and why she loved the job she had of defending the President every day.

Sanders took over a demoralized White House press operation in July 2017 after a string of communications directors often let the message and the men outbid the man in the White House for attention. She earned a hard-nosed reputation with the press corps as someone who would staunchly defend the president, with no apologies.

Sanders said that the media depictions of Trump are exactly the opposite of what she experienced in the White House.

She said Trump gets attacked for being too tough, being unkind and that he is too often portrayed as hostile towards women.

“I saw the opposite,” Sanders said of Trump’s attitude towards women. “I saw somebody who empowered women, who fought for us, who stood up for us, who defended us. When I was under constant attack from liberals — as you know nothing was off-limits, whether it was my character… my weight, my appearance, my fitness as a mother… but the president actually stood up for me, defended me and empowered me to do my job.”

Sanders, the first White House Press Secretary in history to require Secret Service protection because of death threats, cataloged a low moment for herself and how the president boosted her.

She had been attacked by an L.A. Times writer for her appearance, kicked out of a chicken restaurant while eating with her family for simply being Trump’s Press Secretary and had gone through the miserable White House Press Correspondent’s dinner, being the butt of malicious jokes while sitting at the head table.   

As President Trump was going into a meeting with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, he stopped and looked her in the eye.

“Sarah, the reason why they attack you is because you are good at your job. You’re smart, you’re beautiful. Do not let them get you down,” Trump told her, recognizing all the emotions she had been feeling and what she needed at the time.

“In true Trump style, [he then] slapped me on the shoulder and said: ‘Let’s go back to work,’” she laughed.

Sanders says that one of the most dangerous developments in the country today is the inability of media to separate news from commentary and opinion. And that’s one reason she wrote the book.

“No place is that [separation] harder to find than in the White House covering this president,” she added.

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  1. Patricia September 15, 2020

    Love both Huckabee’s character and integrity! So hated the cruel and undeserved treatment Sarah received.. Knowing some of the great people of Arkansas I’m betting she is treated with the respect she deserves and can eat chicken or anything she wants without some biased owner or employee being tacky and rude.. beyond tacky and rude actually! I think she and President Trump were a great team!

  2. Debra Klein September 15, 2020

    Sarah always maintained high morals, exhibited strong values, and defended the lies, innuendos, and slander with fortitude and grace, unlike the unhinged left who promote racial divide, violence, and corruption within our justice centers. I admire how you did your job everyday while up against these ugly humans who are the REAL diplorables.

  3. Evelyn Todd September 15, 2020

    Thank you, Sarah. You make us proud . You are one brave, accomplished woman. who is a shining example of conservatism and real class.
    All the best always .

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