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LA activist seeks truce with police, LA Sheriff challenges LeBron on reward

A community activist who has been stirring up anti-cop feelings in South Los Angeles is asking police for “dialogue” after two cops were shot over the weekend, causing public sentiment to turn against the far-left group. Meanwhile, LA Sheriff Villanueva has called upon LeBron James to kick in for the reward money to hunt for the shooter.

Najee Ali, an activist at the forefront of protests, whose Twitter feed features anti-cop posts like “Stop Killer Cops!” and “No Justice No Peace!”, has changed direction as anti-cop rhetoric takes a pounding in Los Angeles.

Ali is an avowed Biden supporter.

Referencing his supporters, who showed up at the hospital where the two cops were fighting for life in surgery and chanted “We hope they die,” Ali disavowed their chant after months of him egging on Black Lives Matter violence.

Ali claimed the activists “don’t represent our community, our movement, our struggle for justice,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

He showed up with a bouquet of flowers and two balloons for the deputies to make up for his Twitter posts and the shooting.

“Before approaching a group of sheriff’s officials outside the hospital with a bouquet of flowers to deliver to the injured deputies, Ali called on the department to fire deputies in Compton and elsewhere in the county who are part of tattooed cliques known for an aggressive policing style,” reports the LAT.

Meanwhile, LA Sheriff Alex Villanueva publicly called upon NBA star, LeBron James to up the ante in the search for the cops’ shooter by donating money to the reward.

“This challenge is to LeBron James. I want you to match that and double that reward,” Villanueva said according to CBS local. “I know you care about law enforcement. You expressed a very interesting statement about your perspective on race relations and on officer-involved shootings and the impact that it has on the African-American community. And I appreciated that. But likewise, we need to appreciate that respect for life goes across professions, across races, creeds, and I’d like to see LeBron James step up to the plate and double that.”

The Sheriff’s office had originally offered a $100,000 reward for the shooter, but two private donations have increased the reward to $175,000.

Thus far, James, 35, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers, has not responded to the sheriff’s calls for a matching donation.

James has been tagged for hypocrisy in past for his strong anti-cop rhetoric in the U.S. while also strongly supporting the oppressive government in China because the NBA has a $1.5 billion TV deal with a Chinese company.    

The two deputies, who were shot in the face and head, are still in critical condition, having survived surgery and “have a long road to recovery” according to Villanueva.


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