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Alyssa Farah says ‘law and order’ not just Trump campaign slogan

Trump’s Director of Communications, Alyssa Farah, said this week that “law and order” isn’t just a campaign slogan, but rather something that President Trump will follow through with. He’ll help cities that want to curb high crime rates while laying out specific policies that the federal government will implement to help curb unrest.

Farah sat down with One America’s Jennifer Franco, who asked about the violent unrest happening across the county — especially in Democrat-run cities like Portland and Chicago.

“It appears to be getting worse,” said Franco. “How does the administration intend to address this, especially as we get closer to election day?”

“Addressing the issue of civil unrest and lawlessness in our streets is a top priority of the president’s,” said Farah. “Law and order isn’t just a slogan for him. It’s an action he’s going to follow through with strong policy.”

Farah said that Trump will be tying federal grant money to a city’s willingness to stand up and protect its citizens. If a city won’t allow police to enforce the laws, the city won’t get federal grants.   

“Additionally, when it is warranted, when we have been willing to stand up the National Guard, at the invitation of the governors, and surge them into some of these hotspots, we have also offered them federal law enforcement [help],” she said.

Farah, 31, is known as a top-flight ideological conservative and has served in a variety of roles under the administration, including Press Secretary for Vice President Mike Pence, Special Assistant to President Trump, and Press Secretary for the Department of Defense.

She previously served as the spokesperson for the House Freedom Caucus, where she was brought into the administration to provide her insight into mainstream conservative thinking at the legislative level.

It indicates that the president could have a much more conservative legislative agenda in a second term.

“The hardline [Freedom] caucus has been a frequent thorn in the side of House Republican leadership,” said Politico, “as the GOP tries to push its legislative agenda through Washington. Farah will provide Pence with a critical bridge to the group. Pence has described himself as a kindred spirit of the Freedom Caucus, and he shared their verve for bucking leadership when he was in the House.”

Farah told OAN that Democrats have to start learning to govern their cities for themselves and care about law-and-order issues before they get out of hand.

“It comes down to: Democrats need to be running their cities. They can’t just allow this lawlessness and unrest to prevail,” she added.

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