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Kayleigh McEnany: ‘Shame on Nancy Pelosi for not helping unemployed Americans’

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany blamed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for the hold-up over COVID relief funds in an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business this morning, saying the Pelosi is acting “unserious” in negotiations with the president.

“Speaker Pelosi has been fundamentally unserious this whole time,” said McEnany. “She got a lot of heat when she went on vacation, went to a hair salon that was not open to the general public.

“So now she’s trying to save face by saying her members won’t leave town. But what can tell you everything is that on a call yesterday day, reportedly, Pelosi got a ton of push back from her members, from moderate Democrats who are saying this is unacceptable,” McEnany added about Pelosi’s attempt to hold up COVID relief.  

McEnany says the White House has been busy on Capitol Hill, negotiating and making concessions in areas like school funding in order to get a deal done.

But Pelosi seems determined to delay, if not withhold, some sort of relief package for the American people prior to election day.

“She doesn’t want to give this president a win before an election. And shame on Nancy Pelosi for not helping unemployed Americans.”

McEnany also said that the “defund police” movement is leading to increased lawlessness in America, most notably in big, Democrat cities.

Under Trump, crime rates were coming down until Democrat protests sprang up this year demanding so-called police reform.  

“It only started resurging with the ‘defund the police’ movement,” she said. The result is “heinous actions” including increased violence against citizens and police.

Fifty-three children have been killed since the beginning of this year by violent crime according to McEnany.

Bartiromo said that she found it incredible that critics of the president aren’t denouncing the violence.

“I think that was a tactic that obviously worked against them,” said the anchor.

“Sixty-five percent of Americans are worried about law and order,” said McEnany citing a recent Monmouth University poll. “Significantly, it’s Black Americans who care most about this, because they are most affected by it.”

The Monmouth poll says that 60 percent of non-Republican Blacks and 66 percent of other minorities feel that law and order is a big problem in America right now.

McEnany says that there is a direct correlation between defunding the police and rising crime levels.

“It’s called the Ferguson Effect,” she said.

McEnany also took the press to task for the media blackout on the historic peace agreement between Israel, the UAE and Bahrain yesterday.

“The media may ignore it, but the American people see what’s going on social media and elsewhere. And there is no denying that history was made at the White House yesterday,” McEnany concluded.  

PHOTO: Official White House Photo by Tia Dufour

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  1. Manuel Roca September 16, 2020

    I repudiate Nanci Peloci. She worries more about her Liberal Socialist Agenda than for the good of American Unemployed Citizens. She eve had members of her own party confront her. By the way, nice hair style Nanci.

  2. Drew Dickey September 17, 2020

    A vote of No Confidence will cure the problem

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