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‘Totally False’: Trump campaign denies ex-model’s sexual assault allegations

Mary Margaret Olohan on September 17, 2020

President Donald Trump’s campaign denied allegations that Trump had sexually assaulted a model in 1997, calling the claim “totally false.”

Ex-model Amy Dorris has accused the president of “assaulting her all over her body” at the U.S. Open tennis tournament in 1997 when she was 24-years-old, The Guardian reported Thursday. Dorris said Trump stuck his tongue down her throat and that she felt “violated” and “sick” afterwards, according to the Guardian.

“The allegations are totally false,” Trump campaign legal advisor Jenna Ellis said in a statement to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “We will consider every legal means available to hold The Guardian accountable for its malicious publication of this unsubstantiated story. This is just another pathetic attempt to attack President Trump right before the election.”

Dorris’s mother and friend said that the former model told them about the alleged assault, the Guardian reported, and the publication also published several photos of Dorris, Trump, and others in public around the time Dorris claims the assault occurred.

Lawyers for the president said that the alleged assault would have been visible to the public in the U.S. Open box where Dorris said it occurred, the Guardian reported, but Dorris said that she and Trump were hidden by a partition.

Trump has faced 25 sexual assault allegations, a Business Insider review found, including seven allegations of inappropriate behavior or touching, 16 allegations of forcible groping or kissing, and two allegations of sexual assault or rape.

Former vice president Joe Biden has also been accused of sexual misconduct on eight occasions, according to Business Insider, including seven allegations of inappropriate behavior or touching and one allegation of sexual assault.

Most recently, Biden’s former senate staffer Tara Reade accused him of kissing her, touching her, and penetrating her with his fingers without her consent when she worked for his Senate office in 1993. Biden and his campaign have repeatedly denied the assault, saying it “absolutely did not happen.”

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  1. WhiteDove September 17, 2020

    Why now ? Why didn’t Model Ex expose this during the nascent emergence of # Me Too movement for more credibility ? Why didn’t Model Ex whistleblow before now ? Is Model Ex desperate for money , or fame that her short lived modeling career offer her ? Is Model Ex recently divorced feeling slighted ? Or is Model Ex’s current husband unemployed where money is the motive? Why is “ for my kids “ Model Ex’s reason for exposing this kiss “ for my kids “ looking for sympathy using “ for my kids “ ? Why tell the main stream media of this (25 year passed ) story right before the election ??? We know why !!! Why didn’t Model Ex blow open this story in 2016 before Trump won in 2016 ? Why didn’t Model Ex expose this assault at the time this event happened, Why didn’t Model Ex file a police report the day it occurred, or file an assault lawsuit when it was allegedly took place ? This is a repeat of the narrative in 2016 against Trump. Someone is looking for a payout. Deep State is like “Mad Magazine’s” ; SPY vrs.SPY. It’s comical , it’s on the heels of the me too movement and hard to take seriously . Me too , I could lie and say the same thing so could 1,000 women to try to keep Trump out of office …. none of it will work. The American People are WOKE especially the silent majority. I wish her the best but don’t expect sympathy 25 years too late .

  2. Connie L September 17, 2020

    Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm wonder how many of these people making these allegations are registered Democrats??? Just sayin!

  3. A. D Roberts September 18, 2020

    These charges are just like the FORD charges against Kavanaugh They are bogus. Just like the charges against ‘ Clarence Thomas. So how can you tell the difference between one charge and another???? Simple. IF it is a Democrat being accused or a NEWS man, it is probably true. Just like the charges against Palin and Roy Moore. As soon as the elections are over, the charges go away.
    WAKE UP.

  4. A. D Roberts September 18, 2020

    News men???? Like Matt Lauer, David Letterman and Bill O’Reilly. No I don’t believe O’Reilly is a good guy.

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