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New York street mural says ‘F— Cuomo and de Blasio’

A massive mural in the style of the Black Lives Matter murals that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio had painted on New York city streets, has a different message for the mayor and his compatriot Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

Painted in yellow block letters it says “F— Cuomo and de Blasio” and stretches down a half a block on a street in Brooklyn.  

The art is the work of a late summer neighborhood block party.

“The not-so-subtle shout-out to Gov. Andrew Cuomo and Mayor Bill de Blasio went up around 1 a.m. Saturday on North 15th Street between Wythe Avenue and Banker Street in Williamsburg, during the waning hours of an annual block party which this year doubled as a ‘small business owner protest,’ one attendee told” reports The New York Post.

“A few partygoers got the idea to paint in huge [letters, using] yellow paint with rollers on North 15th, ‘F–k Cuomo and de Blasio,’” the attendee said Sunday, refusing to be identified by name. “The party continued. Everyone took photos.

“It was a big hit. The crowds cheered, even the cops chuckled.”

The city wasn’t amused.

The Post says that city workers momentarily shrugged off their reputation for being lackadaisical and arrived within 24 hours to cover up the message.

“They told the partygoers it came from up top and they were told the sign said ‘F–k the police,’” the attendee said, though it was unclear whether the workers meant that the order came from top DOT officials or City Hall, said the Post.

A recent survey tagged de Blasio as one of the most unpopular political figures in America today.  

A poll by the Manhattan Institute says that 50 percent of New Yorkers think the city it going in the wrong direction, with de Blasio getting only a 45 percent approval rating.

“A public petition for his ousting has been revived in recent times – with more than 170,000 signatures supporting the notion that he cannot hold the helm of the ailing city until his term is up at the end of 2022. The frustrations run the gamut: from an increase in parking meters and property taxes to a failure to adequately fund the New York Police Department (NYPD),” says local Fox News 5.

De Blasio has little support from any section of New Yorkers, says one New York-based CEO.

“It is obvious why Mayor de Blasio is unpopular on the right. He is anti-business, the cops, growth, and freedom,” said Adam Weiss, CEO of the New York-based firm AMWPR according to Fox News. “The left does not like him because they think he hasn’t gone far enough with his progressive policies. They believe he is too pro-police, and he doesn’t tax people enough. The fact that the super left and moderates don’t like him shows that he is left without a base.”

PHOTO: The New York Post

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  1. Pat September 21, 2020

    Do you think these democrats got the message? Hey democrats we are fed up with you all. If this message didn’t work then maybe write on lots of streets.

  2. John E September 21, 2020

    Are you kidding??! They thought it was for someone else! These two morons are so ego driven they should have a spot on CNN.

  3. Alex Czeranko September 21, 2020

    New York city voters should use their Constitutional rights of Initiative and Referendum to try to remove de Blasio and/or Cuomo. This is guaranteed by the Constitution
    Get more signatures and start the process

  4. A. D Roberts September 22, 2020

    They are ripe for war. And since the left does not believe in citizens owning guns, they are going to lose. We can only hope that most cops have joined OATHKEEPERS and are ready to fight for America.

  5. Jeffrey Moore September 22, 2020

    We conservatives should take the high road instead of using curse words and other tactics of the Left.

    It’s not possible to bring about good by doing evil.

  6. Dan Murphy September 22, 2020

    Although I would not have used that certain expletive language, I am relieved to know there is still intelligent life in new york city. You’d better get out before we build the wall around it?

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