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Cuomo and Whitmer want Congress to investigate Trump’s COVID response

With more than 37,000 of the 200,000 COVID deaths in America coming from New York and Michigan, the state’s Democratic governors are asking Congress to launch an investigation into President Donald Trump and his administration’s handling of the coronavirus.

Govs. Andrew Cuomo of New York and Gretchen Whitmer of Michigan say that the U.S. has the worst response to the COVID-19 virus of any nation in the world and that it is a direct result of President Trump’s political self-dealing and incompetence.

“NEW: @GovWhitmer and I are calling for Congressional investigations into the Trump admin’s politicization of pandemic response. We can’t allow the President & his advisors to ignore scientists & play politics with Americans’ lives. What did they know and when did they know it,” tweeted Cuomo.

Cuomo and Whitmer cited reports last week that the White House blocked a plan by the U.S. Postal Service to distribute masks nation-wide and the Trump administration’s insistence that asymptomatic people did not need to be tested for the virus.

“Congress must immediately conduct an oversight investigation into the Trump administration’s response to this pandemic, including the actions at HHS and the USPS the public learned about over the past week,” they said. “Rather than turning to the advice and direction of public health experts and career public servants, President Trump instead put the health and security of the American people in the hands of political appointees whose first priority was securing the reelection of their benefactor, with predictably tragic results.”

Both governors have also found themselves under a fair amount of public scrutiny for their state responses to the pandemic. The Department of Justice is currently investigating Michigan and New York specifically in relation to the running of nursing homes and early deaths of many elderly Americans due to extremely restrictive lockdown measures.

The DOJ cited New York’s March order that stated that nursing homes could not deny re-admission based on a resident testing positive to COVID-19

Cuomo and Whitmer both claim that the Justice Department has been politicized and dispute any claims they endangered their citizens.

“As a country, we cannot allow this type of politically motivated decision making to take root,” Cuomo and Whitmer said.

PHOTO: Byron Smith/Getty Images

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  1. Debbie Joy September 24, 2020

    Trump should send Cuomo a bill for the Navy hospital ship and the temporary hospitals the Feds built in NYC that were never used. And Whitmer should look at the “success” of her own lockdown mandates that were totally unsuccessful. Congress should investigate them!

  2. Gerald Cline September 24, 2020

    Back in January/February the estimates for deaths from Covid-19 were in the two million deaths range. The BEST CASE scenario was around two hundred thousand. The Democrats were ignoring the spreading pandemic because it was a distraction from their real agenda of impeaching Donald Trump. Now, here it is seven months later and the Trump administration kept the death toll within the BEST CASE scenario. The Democrats have finally noticed there is a pandemic, and now want Donald Trump investigated for “failing” to respond in a timely manor and produce a lower death rate. EXCUSE ME…?!?!?

  3. Kenneth Hadler September 24, 2020

    What do they think this is? Some kind of joke session? After Pelosi, Schiff, and Nadler, etc., were going 24 hours a day trying to hang President Trump with some phony baloney impeachment proceedings to keep he President from being the President. Yes, there is probably a good reason for the investigation, but it should be directed at the Speaker of the House and her cohorts.

  4. Rob September 24, 2020

    Getting kinda scared huh cuomo and whitmer? You are the ones that put all those elderly folks into the nursing homes, killing THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE! YOU did this, not President Trump! You are the ones that will face prosecution. You cannot deny or turn the tables on what you did. Karma is going to have the last word.

  5. A. D Roberts September 25, 2020

    The very same governors who have the WORST record of response to covid and they turn it around and accuse Trump of that. They have no facts. Not a single accusation that holds water. They have done the MOST to do damage to the economy of their own state with the possible exception of Newman in California. And yes, it continues today. So when will Whitmer, Cuomo and Newman finally open up business in their states? NOVEMBER 4 would be my guess. And I don’t think they believe anyone will figure out just how many business people they DESTROYED with their drive to hurt Trump.
    God have mercy on them. I doubt that the rioters in full blown ANARCHY will have mercy on them. And that will be JUSTICE.

  6. Michael Gregory September 25, 2020

    This is the usual Communist-Socialist stunt, blame your opponent for what you, yourself, are doing. Transferring responsibility makes them “feel” better about their crimes. They all were part of the denial of what the Trump administration was trying to notify our citizens about. Now they pretend they did not know or deny they failed to respond, Cowards every one of you. The citizens of your states know what you did, The price will be paid one way or another. Karma is a bitch and prosecution might follow, we hope!

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