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Pelosi advances scheme for electoral tie to prevent Trump victory

A report by the online publication Politico says that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) is preparing Democrats for a “brutal, even more politically bare-knuckled” fight over the presidency in the House if there is a tie in the electoral college results in the November presidential election that could potentially include not recognizing GOP victories in U.S House races.  

“Under that scenario,” says Politico, “which hasn’t happened since 1876, every state’s delegation gets a single vote. Who receives that vote is determined by an internal tally of each lawmaker in the delegation. This means the presidency may not be decided by the party that controls the House itself but by the one that controls more state delegations in the chamber. And right now, Republicans control 26 delegations to Democrats’ 22, with Pennsylvania tied, and Michigan a 7-6 plurality for Democrats, with a 14th seat held by independent Justin Amash.”

The result has been a letter from Pelosi urging Democrats to put resources into states that are usually not as friendly to Democrats, but where upset victories could help in the presidential election like Alaska and Montana. Both Alaska and Montana have just one U.S. House seat, so an upset in either state could gain Democrats one presidential vote for each state.

“The Constitution says that a candidate must receive a majority of the state delegations to win,” Pelosi wrote. “We must achieve that majority of delegations or keep the Republicans from doing so.”

Politico warns that if the Republicans retain the majority of delegations and the Democrats retain the majority in the House, then Democrats could try to prevent GOP members from being seated in the new Congress by a simple vote to refuse to recognize the results of the Congressional elections.

The Hill warns that some electors could also choose to vote against the candidate who won their state if the vote is close, forcing an electoral college tie.

“A tie in the Electoral College could result from a number of scenarios, including neither candidate reaching 270 electoral votes due to voting totals or as the result of so-called faithless electors, who do not vote for the candidate who is victorious in their state,” says the Hill.

“An elector hasn’t voted for the candidate to come in second place in their state since 1968, according to 270 To Win, but in 2016 an unusually high electors refused to cast their votes at all.”

Trump has urged his supporters to work that much harder to make sure that the results in the presidential contest don’t rely on crooked rule-making by Democrats.

“And I don’t want to end up in the Supreme Court and I don’t want to go back to Congress either, even though we have an advantage if we go back to Congress — does everyone understand that?” Trump told supporters over the weekend.

PHOTO: Erin Schaff-Pool/Getty Images

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  1. James E Hoelzeman September 29, 2020

    Plain and simply, Pelosi is bat sh.t crazy if she think there is going to be a tie in the Electoral College. President Trump is going to win in a landslide. Pelosi will never get a chance and will be extremely lucky if she remains Speaker of the House. PERIOD!!!

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