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Trump receives third nomination for Nobel Peace Prize for ‘Trump Doctrine’

President Donald Trump has received his third Nobel Prize nomination, this time from an Australian professor of law who cited the “Trump Doctrine,” which aims to prevent sending troops to far-away foreign wars.

“He has, firstly, common sense, and he is only guided by national interest … and therefore an interest in the western alliance,” David Flint, a law professor and openly-gay member of the Labor Party, told Australia’s Sky News of Trump’s contribution to peace.

“What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans.

“So he’s reducing America’s tendency to get involved in any and every war.”

Trump has continued to bring troops home from overseas, including the Middle East, where his refusal to send more troops into Syria caused a row with noted neo-conservatives like the late-Sen. John McCain and his close ally, Sen. Lindsey Graham.

Flint called Trump leadership in the Middle East as one-of-a-kind.

“The states are lining up, Arab and Middle-Eastern, to join that network of peace which will dominate the Middle-East,” says Flint.

The result of Trump’s efforts to try a new way towards peace in the Middle East has seen the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and Bahrain reach peace accords with Israel, laying the foundation for other countries to seek the economic benefits with the Jewish state.

“The Emiratis and Bahrainis became only the third and fourth Arab states ever to recognize the Jewish state” thanks to Trump, says the New York Post. “And more good news may be on the way: Oman issued a statement of support for the accords; there is talk of Sudan following suit and Morocco opening direct flights. And though Saudi Arabia may be the last Sunni-majority state to formally recognize Israel, it is now permitting Israeli aircraft to cross its airspace.”

It’s progress that Trump’s predecessors, stretching back to the 1970s, can only envy, as the Middle East quagmire has bogged down every president from Nixon on — especially those who tried to reach peace accords by lobbing missiles at everything that moved in the Middle East.   

“He is really producing peace in the world in a way in a which none of his predecessors did, and he fully deserves the Nobel Peace Prize,” Flint concluded.   

This is Trump’s third nomination for the Peace Prize.

Previously, Trump was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize by Magnus Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish Parliament, for work done on creating an economic agreement between the typically-hostile governments of Kosovo and Serbia; and nominated by Norwegian Parliament member Christian Tybring-Gjedde for the work on the peace accord between Israel and UAE.

PHOTO: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

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  1. Edith Wenzel September 29, 2020

    Cant Share ……………WHy?

  2. John E. September 29, 2020

    Three nominations, from three very different areas and not a chance in hell that President Trump will receive it due to the vitriol that is spouted by the Major networks and “news” organizations of the USA !! At least the foreign press and leaders understand the significance of his first term. Such a contrast with the former President who, while waging two different wars was awarded the prize for “talking about peace”? (Sound a little hypocritical perhaps?) I think that Noam Chomsky said it best when asked about that; : “In defense of the committee, we might say that the achievement of doing nothing to advance peace places Obama on a considerably higher moral plane than some of the earlier recipients”.

  3. Kristin Grose September 30, 2020

    I ccan share from some of your “Wire” sites but not American Wire?? Why not?? Some really valuable information I’d love to share.

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