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Biden gives Antifa legitimacy by calling it ‘an idea,’ not an organization

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden gave Antifa legitimacy last night during the first presidential debate in Cleveland by calling the violent revolutionary movement an “idea, not an organization.”

Responding to charges by President Trump that Antifa poses a threat to American security and wishes to overthrow the U.S. government, Biden claimed that Antifa is only animated by “ideas” but is not organized.

When pressed by moderator Chris Wallace to condemn violence by people on the right, President Trump said he would do that, but that most of the violence was coming from the radical left in America.

“Sure, I’m prepared to do that,” the president said. “I would say almost everything I see is from the left-wing not from the right-wing. I’m willing to do anything. I want to see peace.

“[S]omebody’s gotta do something about Antifa and the Left because this is not a right-wing problem,” Trump added before being interrupted by Biden.

Biden then claimed that white supremacy is the biggest domestic threat, not Antifa.

“Antifa is an idea, not an organization, not militias, that’s what his FBI director said,” Biden crowed, downplaying the danger and implying that Antifa’s actions are spontaneous.   

Trump countered by saying that his administration is prepared to take action against Antifa, referencing violent incidents against police, because “when a bat hits you over the head that’s not an idea. Antifa is bad.”  

“Black-bloc anarchists, many of whom identify as ‘anti-fascists,’ rioted in a number of major American cities this summer,” says Yahoo News, “vandalizing businesses and homes, setting fires, and clashing with law enforcement. The unrest began in June and persisted for more than 100 consecutive nights in Portland, Ore.”

Antifa operates as a cellular organization, borrowing from their antecedents in the communist revolutionary movement and the Al Qaida terrorist network, with no central organization, making it difficult for traditional law enforcement, like the FBI, to track.  

But videos from around the country show Antifa coordinating activities, just like any criminal group.

Recent video from Louisville shows Antifa with prepositioned supplies, staged U-Haul’s, in anticipation of the verdict from the Breonna Taylor grand jury, and mobilizing within minutes of the grand jury decision to not indict any officers in her death. 

In Chicago over the summer, Mayor Lori Lightfoot said that rioting and looting after the shooting death of a Black man on the city’s West Side was pre-planned. Video from the looted areas show looters arriving with loaded U-Haus with tools to facilitate riots and looting and coordinating their activities.  

“When people showed up on Michigan Avenue in the downtown area with U-Haul trucks and cargo vans, and sophisticated equipment used to cut metal, and the methods that were used, and how quickly it got spun up… that wasn’t any spontaneous reaction,” Lightfoot told Time.

Biden’s inability to condemn Antifa violence shows that he is more concerned with pandering to the far-left voters in his base than protecting American lives.

PHOTO: Scott Olson/Getty Images

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  1. JohnR September 30, 2020

    Biden is Senile! Leave it that. Not Ready for Whitehouse.

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