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Mississippi Gov. lets mask mandate expire

Mississippi yesterday became the first state to allow the mandatory mask-wearing requirement to expire as a general rule, while still requiring masks to be worn in specific situations.

Gov. Tate Reeves (R) said that he still thinks it’s advisable for people to wear masks, and he is hoping that people will wear them, but he trusts the residents of his state to make the right decisions for themselves and their families.

“I still believe that masks work,” Reeves said. “I think the facts and data across our country bear that out.”

“I have always tried to stress the important balance of this time: we cannot allow our system to collapse, and we should not use the heavy-hand of government more than it is justified,” Reeves added, according to local WMC TV 5 news. “We have to tailor our actions to the current threat, and make sure that they do not go beyond what is reasonable.”

The state also increased capacity limits for activities like football games and casinos in a new executive order, while Reeves urged schools to open.

“It can be done safely,” Reeves said. “That has been proven.”

The people of Mississippi have been locked down long enough, says some residents.

“I think it’s the right thing to do the smart thing to do. People are ready to get out and have fun. We’ve been really busy it just kind of loosens people up a little more,” Bartender Scott Pittman told Louisiana’s WAFB TV 9 news.

One Louisiana resident even drove from Baton Rouge, LA to Bay St Louis, MS—a two-hour drive—just to bask in maskless freedom after a 14-day COVID illness quarantine in Louisiana.

“It feels amazing to be out in the open again. And yeah, the only thing was the body aches were god awful but that was it,” said Heidi Talbot. She says now that she’s well again, she hopes that Louisiana follows Mississippi’s lead, according to WAFB.

“I think we all need to go back to normal you know, I do not believe that the mandates are going to be what we need, I think that we all need to go back to normal,” Talbot said.

Some have criticized the executive orders by state governors to combat coronavirus with lockdowns, capacity limits and mask orders that were supposed to be temporary measures to flatten the curve, but have been in place for six months.

“If all of us would put on a face covering now for the next four weeks, six weeks, we could drive this epidemic to the ground,” said Dr. Robert Redfield, Director of the Centers for Disease Control 11 weeks ago and counting.  


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1 Comment

  1. JASON HUDSON October 2, 2020

    These mandates have never been law. There has never once been a law on the books in existence that makes someone wear a mask. As a matter of fact, the mandate expired back in May of 2020. No one, including the governor has the ability to make anyone wear a mask. The governor doesn’t have the power to make laws by himself. The studies and research has proven the masks do absolutely nothing. I’m looking forward to the times ahead when we have elected leaders that will stand up for the real Truth instead of acting out of fear and ignorance. This entire “scamdemic” has been about nothing more than rich corporations trying to make money on the American public by trying to force unnecessary vaccines that will poison us further while charging us to do it, among the countless other ways people have profited. Look it up. Research how much money the doctors and hospitals are being paid every time a ventilator is ordered for someone with “COVID-19” or the money they make for simply marking the cause of death as “COVID”. It starts to make sense that they would beef up the numbers now doesn’t it? It’s about money. Until we evolve as human beings and stop allowing greed to control us, these scenarios will continue to play out over and over again until we wake up. They continue to try and annihilate more and more of our freedoms to conquer us while we idiotically stay shut away in our homes where our immune systems have taken the biggest hit in reality. Wake up and do some research folks. This virus has a 99.96% survival rate. Why would anyone handle a “virus” with these kind of numbers this way if not for a corrupt agenda! You have better odds of dying from a shark attack than “COVID-19”! I’m begging anyone who reads this who disagrees to please, please do your research. Follow the money. Follow the money and the gargantuan corporations who have and will continue to profit from
    this “plamdemic” and you will find your answers. It’s time for us to wake up. Stand with me. They want us to stay angry and be scared of each other because they fear our True power and what we are capable of collectively. If we stay divided and angry we’re the easiest to control and conquer. There’s nothing to fear but fear itself. Spread your Truth with your chest out.

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