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Vice President Pence to continue aggressive campaign schedule

Vice President Mike Pence has no intention of slowing down or canceling any campaign appearances despite President Donald Trump’s recent hospitalization due to COVID-19.

“We’ve got a campaign to run,” Pence said. “I promise you, this president, as soon as his doctors say so, he’s going to be back out there.”

Pence says that he will join the first family and other top Trump surrogates in continuing the campaign during the president’s absence. He says that they will split up and travel the country after Wednesday’s vice-presidential debate. Pence and the Trump campaign have made no requests to change the debate format and say the vice president is committed to debating his democratic counterpart, Sen. Kamala Harris.

The vice president will travel to Arizona, Nevada and Washington, D.C following this week’s debate.

Trump campaign adviser Jason Miller told NBC that they are launching “Operation MAGA,” an effort to move the campaign forward without the president.

“We’re in a campaign. We have a month to go. We see Joe Biden and Kamala Harris out there campaigning,” Miller said. “Certainly, they’re not asking for a remote debate.”

Despite pushback from the media, Miller says Pence and his team have no concerns about continuing their travels.

“The vice president takes very serious all these measures. Anyone around the vice president are tested,” Miller said. “People are kept very safe. And again, we can’t hide from this virus forever. We have to take it head-on. We have to re-open our economy.  And we’ve got to develop a vaccine and defeat the virus.”

President Trump even made a trip out of the hospital on Sunday to thank supporters who have gathered outside to wish him well. The president tweeted a video saying he had a surprise in store for his well-wishers. Immediately afterwards, he traveled in a motorcade around the hospital to wave at supporters.

“I really appreciate all of the fans and supporters outside of the hospital,” the president tweeted Sunday. “The fact is, they really love our Country and are seeing how we are MAKING IT GREATER THAN EVER BEFORE!”

The White House told the press that all “appropriate precautions” were taken for the short drive around the hospital. The trip was cleared by the president’s medical team.

PHOTO: Drew Angerer/Getty Images

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