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Militia members expose plot to kidnap MI’s Whitmer

Six men were formally charged today in a federal criminal complaint with conspiracy in a plot to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) and plotting to violently oppose other state governments, prompting denunciations by Republicans over the plot.

The men met with undercover federal agents and confidential informants, revealing their plot to make Whitmer stand trial for treason, which included rehearsals where the kidnapping was practiced.  

“A threat against our governor is a threat against us all,” said Michigan Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey, a Republican in a statement according to CNN. “We condemn the actions of the group of individuals that plotted against Governor Whitmer and state government. These people are not patriots. There is no honor in their actions. They are criminals and traitors, and they should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.”

The men are identified as Adam Fox, Barry Croft, Ty Garbin, Kaleb Franks, Daniel Harris and Brandon Caserta.

In a video on YouTube, Caserta is allegedly seen in front of a left-wing Anarchist flag.

The plot was foiled as the members began talking about how to attack police and one member of a legitimate Michigan militia who heard about it became concerned.

“That member allegedly told the FBI that the group was considering killing police officers and agreed to become an informant,” said NBC News.

“But the involvement of that militia in the plot to kidnap the governor appears to be minimal as the group that is charged today allegedly discussed keeping the broader militia out of their actual plan,” NBC added.

The U.S. attorney said the arrests prevented violence, even if political disagreements remain.

“All of us in Michigan can disagree about politics, but those disagreements should never, ever amount to violence. Violence has been prevented today,” Detroit U.S. Attorney Matthew Schneider told reporters according to the Associated Press.

The Associated Press (AP) says that while Whitmer has been praised in some circles, she has also had her share of criticism for curtailing freedoms in the state in the name of fighting COVID-19. Indeed, one state law used by Whitmer has recently been found unconstitutional, says the AP.  

“Whitmer has been praised but also deeply criticized for the state’s response to the coronavirus. She put major restrictions on personal movement throughout the state and on the economy, although many of those limits have been lifted. The Michigan Supreme Court last week said a 1945 law used as the foundation for many of the governor’s orders is unconstitutional,” says the national press service.

The accused face lifetime sentences if convicted of the charges.

PHOTO: Elaine Cromie/Getty Images

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  1. Tom October 8, 2020

    But nothing was done yet the left wingers DID attack Steve Scalise and Rand Paul and no one in the Press cared.

  2. Glenn October 8, 2020

    He’s clearly another demonRAT or antifa goon.

  3. Barbara October 8, 2020

    While I totally condemn the things these men did, I know they will be punished to the full extent of the law for their crimes. My question is when does Governor Whitmer stand trial for her crimes against humanity. She alone caused the suffering the people of Michigan have experienced because of her lockdown and the many extensions thereof.

  4. Nick Byrne October 8, 2020

    I am with Barbara. When will the good gov stand trial?

  5. Wray October 8, 2020

    Good! They caught the bad guys. Now when do we see a press conference for the Antifa thugs that did their work right in front of the cops faces, And while we’re at it, how about the top resistance folk, (Obama, Hillary, Comey, Brennen, etc.) for the Russia hoax coup.

  6. Joe Worker October 8, 2020

    From what I read, it seemed like a Mostly Peaceful kidnapping plot to me.

  7. Pollky October 8, 2020

    The media will not cover this.because these guys are the media’s type of men.

  8. A. D Roberts October 9, 2020

    Someone needs to do something. Got to get rid of this nit wit.

  9. A. D Roberts October 9, 2020

    She gets the same protection that Hillary got. UNTIL THEY FACE GOD.

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