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Candace Owens warns Never-Trumper: ‘I’m not one to play with’

Candace Owens put a Republican Never-Trumper from Illinois on notice over the weekend, telling Helen Miller Walsh, a former Illinois state legislator and wife of former GOP presidential candidate Joe Walsh, that Miller Walsh’s allegations of “money laundering” are “insane.”

In a tweet, Miller Walsh said that Owen’s organization, Blexitfoundation.org, which fosters Black defections from the Democrats, “is bought and paid for by Trump and the $ he’s laundered to Candace Owens’ BLEXIT org.”

Owen’s blasted back saying that Miller Walsh should prepare for a lawsuit.

“Just sent this tweet to our lawyers. You should know I’m not one to play with. Accusing @blexit of accepting laundered money from a sitting President is almost as insane as your husband running for President,” tweeted Owens.

Owens organized a pro-police rally for Blacks in DC over the weekend that drew over 2,000 people marching on behalf of a Black exit from the Democrat Party, which precipitated the outburst by Miller Walsh.

Video from the scene shows thousands of marchers, dressed in light blue, pro-police shirts, some wearing red Trump hats, parading in the streets of D.C. to the so-called BLM Plaza renamed by leftist, D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser.

“This is what an *actual* peaceful protest staged by thousands of minorities looks like. Today was incredible. @BLEXIT #BLEXIT,” said Owens in a video of the march.

“Over a year ago, I announced my book and Democrats laughed. Over a year ago, I announced #BLEXIT and Democrats laughed. Update: I’ve been on the New York Times best-seller list for the last 3 weeks and today— 2,029 minorities marched through D.C demanding a BLEXIT. #Winning,” Owens added.

Miller Walsh is married to former Tea Party Republican, Joe Walsh, who later denounced conservatives after being defeated for a second Congressional term when it was reveal he was behind in over $100,000 worth of child-support obligations and had his license suspended for non-payment of insurance.  

Walsh subsequently challenged President Trump in the 2020 primary but dropped out after tallying just 1 percent support amongst Republicans in the Iowa primary.

His wife is also a one-term legislator, replacing an outgoing legislator in a nude photo scandal but subsequently being defeated by a Democrat in the next general election.  

“23 days. Stay focused. Wear your mask. VOTE. He’s going to lose” Miller Walsh tweeted today.

Recently Owens told The Megan Kelly Show that she’d consider running for office in the future.

“If I really felt my country needed me, I would do it,” Owens said on a Kelly podcast.

PHOTO: Capitol Finished Photography LLC via American Wire

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  1. MikefromTexas October 12, 2020

    I’d vote for Candace.

  2. A.G. October 12, 2020

    As would I. The Left can’t stand her because she stands for the opposite of everything the Left represents. Owens in 2024!

  3. John E October 12, 2020

    I would vote for Candace in a New York minute!!

  4. Robert Cantrell October 13, 2020

    way to go Candace. 🙂

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