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MI Governor replaces illegal health orders with other illegal health orders

People worried about the overarching authority of government in Michigan are free to breathe freely into their state-mandated masks again after the Michigan Supreme Court ruled 4-3 that Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer exceeded her authority under an emergency powers act that was used to curtail citizens so the state could “combat” coronavirus.

But in a development that shows people in the U.S. just how stupid government has become, Whitmer was able to duplicate the orders through the health department in Michigan just in time.

The duplicate orders “replicate mask requirements, restrictions on gathering sizes and restaurant capacity, among other features,” so that all the mandates remain in effect despite the court order.

“MDHHS issued an epidemic order mirroring executive orders previously issued to prevent the spread of #COVID19. Learn more about the order with this new infographic,” tweeted the Michigan Department of Health.

Under the new order, government says that bars could reopen but can only serve people alcohol who are sitting down, and socially distanced by six feet.

Local governments can’t even meet remotely, because, since the executive order went to effect in March, the governor and the legislature have not been able to pass legislation that would make remote local government meetings legal.

“Another big win at the Supreme Court today!” Republican House Speaker Lee Chatfield said on Twitter. “The law is the law, and partisan politics can’t change that.”

Except of course for people who would otherwise be working if the restrictions were not in place.

“Among the orders struck down, and not replaced by a health department order,” says the Detroit Free Press “is one that extended Michigan unemployment benefits to 26 weeks, up from 20.”

The Republicans and the Democrats get to claim victory while ordinary people pick up the tab.  

In fairness to Chatfield, he is willing to work to extend unemployment benefits for those who can’t work under the restrictions imposed by the state.

“The people will finally have their voices heard in this process,” the Chatfield tweet concluded. “The House is in again tomorrow, and I hope the Governor is ready to cooperate. It’s time to work together!”

Whitmer and the legislature seem to hung up on liability protections on businesses in Michigan due to COVID. For some reason the Dems won’t extend unemployment if they don’t get what they want on COVID liability, which likely has something to do with protecting trial lawyers.

Mackinac Center for Public Policy condemned the actions of Whitmer saying she “is continuing to sidestep the ruling by maintaining unilateral control over pandemic policies via broad and poorly defined powers granted in statute to a state department.”

PHOTO: Bill Pugliano/Getty Images

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  1. jOHNR October 13, 2020


  2. Carolyn October 13, 2020

    I please don’t put her in any office again . She’s not all there . She’s bad for any state

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