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Man who had Biden laptop scared ‘somebody might come looking for it eventually’

A man who says that he turned over a laptop to the FBI that he thought belonged to Hunter Biden, the son of Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden, says that what he saw on the screen of the laptop scared him so much that he wanted the computer out his shop, fearing “somebody might want to come looking for this stuff eventually.”

People tend to get hurt sometimes around Democrat presidential candidates. Or at least one former candidate, so I can’t blame him.  

Talk about scary.

“I just don’t know what to say, or what I’m allowed to say,” said John Paul Mac Isaac, owner of a Wilmington, DE computer repair shop according to Fox News. “I know that I saw, I saw stuff. And I was concerned. I was concerned that somebody might want to come looking for this stuff eventually and I wanted it out of my shop.”

He said that if he could find scary stuff just using basic searches, he could only imagine what experts could do who really, really wanted to embarrass the Bidens, not including the experts at the New York Post.  

“If I’m somebody that has no journalistic ability, no detective ability or investigative ability and I was able to find stuff in a short period of time, somebody else should have been able to find something to show,” Isaac said.

The big problem began when the FBI then seized the laptop, and then stopped talking to Isaac about it.

Talk about scary.  

Laptops and emails belonging to liberals tend to get lost around the FBI, especially during election season. Please see Weiner, Anthony and Clinton, Hillary for examples.  

While Democrats have said that emails and other documents have yet to be tied to Hunter Biden conclusively, it’s hard to believe that the FBI would have made forensic copies of the computer’s hard drive and then seized the computer later if it belonged to another Hunter Biden… residing in Wilmington, DE… whose dad wasn’t a current Democrat nominee for president.

But here’s the thing for sure: The Bidens most likely knew these emails were coming.

Isaac reached out to a number of intermediaries, including members of Congress, about the contents of the laptop. He seemed to think that somehow by turning it over to someone else that he’d remain anonymous. But contacting Congresspeople is the one way you can be sure that you don’t keep a secret.   

So, the Bidens probably had a heads up.

Last month while debating President Donald Trump, Joe Biden cited the World Bank as one authority that has cleared his son of any wrongdoing in muscling corporations worldwide.  

Really: The World Bank. Yes, that World Bank.

“My son did nothing wrong at Burisma. He doesn’t want to let me answer because he knows I have the truth,” Joe Biden said of the Trump allegations. “His position has been totally, thoroughly discredited — by the media, by our allies, by the World Bank, by everyone,” Biden added about the charges of wrongdoing.

Everyone, except maybe the harshest critic of all, Hunter Biden’s own computer.

Talk about scary.

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1 Comment

  1. Eddie Price October 15, 2020

    Well, Joe, I guess you now know how President Trump feels day after day after day. The MSM won’t say a word about it but the conservative stations are kicking your behind! welcome to Trump’s world

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