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Liberal fury at NBC Trump town hall reveals liberal anxiety about possible Trump victory

Liberals who are complaining that the editors of the New York Post need to be sent reeducation camps in response to the Hunter Biden story are equally furious at NBC for setting up a Trump town hall program on TV that conflicts with a Biden event.

The fury at NBC is as revealing as the Big Tech censorship against the New York Post for the Hunter Biden story. Both reveal anxiety about a Trump victory ala 2016.

“NBC is hearing a chorus of criticism for its scheduling decision — from liberal activists, working journalists, professors, former NBC executives, and even some current NBC Entertainment stars,” says CNN.

Yeah, but that’s nothing compared to tirades happening on Twitter where #NBCBoycott, #NBCisTrumpsAccomplice, #NBCNewsisSellout and #FireChuckTodd are all trending.

Said one unhinged lunatic on Twitter:

I mean really? They censor the New York Post, but let this guy tweet?

Slightly less unhinged, but more offensive is the tweet from the author of a biblical book about how America sucks.

“@nbc and @MSNBC have to face a devastating exodus from moderate and progressive viewers for airing a sideshow huckster at the detriment of an actual human candidate. They need to feel this in their ratings and sponsors. Please #BoycottMSNBC and #BoycottNBC. This is 2016 BS,” says John Pavlovitz, a “spiritual” author who says that God is “pro-choice.”

I’m pretty sure God is pissed when anyone denigrates humans, even sideshow hucksters.

And it makes me wonder if any of these people ever watched the first NBC town hall with Trump that was stuffed with Biden voters who were supposedly undecided.  

The real anxiety driving the anger at the NBC town hall is in the last line of the tweet that refers to “2016 BS.” Despite widespread news stories that Biden has a double-digit lead on Trump in the polling, liberals know that they are being lied to the media.

The race is tight. And history would say that a challenger that hasn’t wrapped up the race by now is going to lose. That’s not absolute though…and it’s 2020, so there is that.

But it suggests that what is really driving Democrats are worried that they could lose, despite all the media help in trying to depress conservative voters.

“If they were winning the censorship would be unnecessary,” says OANN’s Jack Posobiec.

PHOTO: Alex Wong/Getty Images

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1 Comment

  1. JackPowersIII October 16, 2020

    It’s about to get even hairier! 2020 ain’t Over and Big Bill Barr turned out to be a Big Fat Load of Poop! The guys with the shovels are coming and Barr Poop along with Pelosi Poop, Schumer Poop, Feinstein Poop, and whole bunch of other shitty democrats are going to be laid down in those
    lyme-covered open graves which will magically appear in downtown DC on The Commons thru-out the city. WE are coming and THE SWAMP is OUR HUNTING GROUNDS NOW!

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