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Utah high schooler bullied for wearing Trump hat.

A high school boy in Utah was spit on and had his glassed stomped all for wearing a Make America Great Again hat to school.

Fifteen-year old Braxton McElhaney told police and the media that he was called a white supremacist and retarded for wearing the hat.

“The two girls, they kept antagonizing me, calling me a racist, saying I look retarded, and calling me a white supremacist, white privilege, because I was wearing my Trump hat,” McElhaney told local media.

McElhaney’s American flag face mask was also ripped off his face and thrown in a nearby trash bin by the bullies.

The boy’s father Joe McElhaney said the political harassment in the country is becoming ridiculous.

“The way he was treated, the way that a lot of people are treated with all of this divide that we have going on in our country, it’s ridiculous,” he said.

The encounter was captured on video and prompted school officials to act against the students harassing McElhaney. The school district released a statement addressing the harassment and stating that the students had been disciplined.

“Jordan School District does not tolerate or condone the type of behavior seen in this video,” the district said. “This situation was immediately investigated with the support and involvement of law enforcement. Swift, appropriate disciplinary action was taken following district protocol.”

Sgt. J.C. Holt with the West Jordan Police Department told Fox news that he was impressed that McElhaney didn’t fight back or escalate the situation.

“They started ridiculing him, pushing him and stuff like that, then they actually spit on him,” Sgt. Holt said. “The young man did not fight back or anything.”

It’s not clear at this time whether authorities will prosecute the students for the bullying. The family has pressed criminal charges. As for young McElhaney, he says he won’t stop wearing his MAGA hat and says people just need to learn to talk and learn from one another.

“If they were just to like sit down and talk with someone and learn about the other side and the other parties, then they would be a lot more understanding, and less hate form one side towards another,” he said.

PHOTO: Bill Clark/CQ Roll Call

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  1. porterv October 18, 2020

    Probably gave them a severe slap on the wrist!

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