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Harris campaign suspended for COVID

Democrats had to suspend the campaign of Democrat Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris this week because members of her staff were so irresponsible to get COVID, even as the cold and flu season starts to ramp up heightened media death counts.  

“After being with Senator Harris, both individuals attended personal, non-campaign events in the past week. Under our campaign’s strict health protocols, both individuals had to be tested before returning to their work with the campaign from these personal events,” said Harris’ communications director, Liz Allen.

Which brings up a the question exactly what the campaign means by “being with” Kamala.

Most importantly, of course, is that we should all denounce the many inevitable conservative accounts of how terrible the Biden campaign was in allowing Harris’ staff to catch COVID, potentially killing millions of grandmothers who are just waiting patiently at home for their prescription drug deliveries made by the newly resurrected U.S. Postal Service—which the USPS admits itself is the most trusted federal agency— saved by none other than Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  

Because after all, didn’t we just get through ten days of the typical, non-stop, overbearing “Trump has COVID so he must finally die” news coverage?  

Or the typical “Amy Coney Barrett’s kids might have given everyone they know COVID, so she’s unfit for SCOTUS” news coverage?

Do we really need, as a country, more people rooting for the other side to get a virus?

Plus it will distract from the bigger issues.

For example, with the Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden campaign, the biggest issue with isn’t their COVID safety protocols, but if the campaign is really socially distancing, or if it’s just a really, really boring campaign.

It’s kind of hard to tell sometimes.

“I’d like to hug people. You don’t hug people these days. That’s not an option. You can’t shake hands. But you can look people in the eye, and you can listen, and you can be there,” Harris told CNN about the lack of contact with voters.

You can be there even if no one else is, like this event in Toledo, OH, where more Trump supporters showed up than Biden fans. Biden was there even if his voters weren’t. Shhh. Keep it down. They are trying to do a campaign event.

So, I’ll be the first one to defend the Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden campaign over charges that they have been reckless with the campaign, exposing others to COVID.

Because it appears from the video and photographic evidence that a Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden campaign event is one of the least likely places to get COVID.  

And the fact they finally had imported a case from outside the campaign by allowing staff members to go to non-campaign events that might have included “human touching” is all the endorsement I need about the safety protocols the Biden-Harris/Harris-Biden campaign have in store for the rest of America.  

PHOTO: Ethan Miller/Getty Images

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