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Tucker Carlson reveals new Hunter Biden emails, destroys liberals’ defense

Ignore the woke-splanation about how the Biden emails came to light.

Leftists are frantic to explain away the trove of emails that came to light this week wherein Hunter Biden’s energy bosses in Ukraine asked him to lean on his daddy for interference in matters pertaining to corrupt practices by the energy company. And wherein daddy Biden more than complied with the request.

Liberals want you to dismiss the case as more Russia interference in American elections, as a case of simply stolen emails.

But there are really only two important things that needs to be cleared up.

Under oath, Hunter Biden needs to be asked about whether the data on the laptops, emails, and other media is correct, authentic. And his father needs to tell us what he knew and when he knew about what Hunter was doing.  

Because, ignoring conflicting Ukrainian accounts of who was corrupt and who wasn’t, Tucker Carlson made a pretty good case that both Bidens have been covering up influence-peddling when the TV host revealed more emails on Thursday that showed Hunter wanted his father to use his influence to get the prosecutor fired in the corruption case.

Emails that were revealed exclusively on Carlson’s TV show last night say that a D.C. PR firm specializing in foreign influence, called Blue Star Strategies, copied Hunter Biden in an email just a day after Ukrainian company executives leaned on Biden to talk to his dad about the trouble the prosecutor was making for them.

“Hello all …” the email started according to Carlson. “This morning, the White House hosted a conference call regarding the Vice President’s upcoming trip to Ukraine. Attached is a memo from the Blue Star Strategies team with the minutes of the call, which outlined the trip’s agenda and addressed several questions regarding U.S. policy toward Ukraine.”

“Days later,” noted Carlson, “Joe Biden flew to Ukraine and did exactly what his son wanted. The vice president gave a speech slamming the very Ukrainian law enforcement official who was tormenting Burisma. If the Ukrainian government didn’t fire its top prosecutor, a man called Viktor Shokin, Biden explained, the administration would withhold a billion dollars in American aid. Now, Ukraine is a poor country, so they had no choice but to obey. Biden’s bullying worked.”

Now the Bidens want you to believe that Shokin was corrupt and the action taken to get rid of him by then-Vice President Biden was noble. But it’s not like the Ukrainian government started prosecuting corruption as a result of Shokin’s removal. In fact, the replacements as the top law enforcement officer in Ukraine have been, if anything, more corrupt.     

But it’s time that we get straight answers about what the Bidens were doing on behalf of a private, foreign company and the American people so that we can see if the best interest of the American people was actually served in the case.

Anything else is more woke-splantion that sounds sleepy, Joe.  


PHOTO: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

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1 Comment

  1. Alex Czeranko October 16, 2020

    Information has come forth about Joe Biden and his son. Information that shows that Joe Biden and Hunter were involved in some using the office of the Vice-President to better themselves. This is outrageous. If it was President trump and his sons’ the press would be screaming. Just another double standard. I cannot believe how bad the swamp is. They know there gravy train is over and they are fighting back.
    President Trump will never give up. He realizes this country is at stake. He will continue to fight for us, the people
    Get out and vote. Vote for Republicans Let’s kick the Democrats out and make this country GREAT again
    TRUMP 2020

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