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Hawley warns that Big Tech companies are interfering with American elections

Missouri Sen. Josh Hawley (R) warned that “woke” executives at Big Tech companies, such as Twitter, Google and Facebook are trying to rig American elections and control the country through censorship — and if the GOP doesn’t stand up to them now, these companies will run the country by cooperating with a liberal government in a Joe Biden administration.

Looming over Big Tech are threats that have been made by Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden to punish them if they don’t censor conservative content.

“If Republicans don’t stand up and do something about this, these companies are going to run this country. That’s their desire, these woke capitalists, they want to run America. Big government, big tech… we have got to stop them, we have got to do something,” Hawley told Fox News according to Newsweek.

Hawley accused the companies of being a part of the Joe Biden presidential campaign, getting a quid pro quo from a supposed future Biden administration. He continued to say that the rules that have made the companies so successful won’t change under a Biden regime.  

“And the biggest point of all is, why is Facebook and Twitter, why are they doing the bidding of the Biden campaign? Why is it that Joe Biden can snap his fingers and these monopolies, the biggest monopolies in America, just do his bidding and refuse to allow this story to be reported?” Hawley told Sean Hannity.

Hawley said that the recent censorship of stories from the New York Post and other media disclosing corruption in the office of then-Vice President Joe Biden are unparalleled attacks on U.S. elections.

“These tech companies want to rig an election, they want to control what we read. They want to control journalists in this country, they want to control the news,” Hawley told Fox’s Laura Ingraham.

“It’s unbelievable. It’s a racket. It’s collusion between Biden and the big tech companies, and it’s got to stop,” Hawley added.

The Big Tech companies have come under intense criticism this year as they have started censoring everything on their platforms from COVID-19 articles to political stories, always siding with liberal agendas.

The companies say that they are simply responding to liability threats from Democrats who have put pressure on Big Tech.

Biden has accused Facebook of promoting false information, says Newsweek, and threatened action against the company if they don’t put a stop to it, which is largely the reason why Facebook has acted so rashly this week, censoring a story that hurts Biden.

That threat has made Biden the de facto censor for Facebook, at least for this week.  

“Take, for example, Biden’s call for Facebook to promote authoritative and trustworthy sources of election information,” says Newsweek.  

“This sounds straightforward, but which sources might those be? More importantly, who decides which sources are to be deemed ‘authoritative?'” Kelsey Farish, a technology and media lawyer, told Newsweek.

If Biden gets to choose, which he most certainly had thus far, it’s Joe Biden who controls Big Tech.

PHOTO: Carolyn Kaster-Pool/Getty Images

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