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Newest Biden disaster: Biden attorney allegedly demanded repair shop return Hunter’s laptop, according to owner

The Biden campaign’s technique of running out the clock on the 2020 election took a hit over the weekend.

The campaign of Democrat Presidential nominee Joe Biden has been hoping to ignore the scandal surrounding alleged emails by Hunter Biden published by the New York Post and others that show the son of the former Vice President peddling influence and his father participating in the schemes.




Journalist Adam Housley made that task more difficult for the Democrats when he published an email that he says showed that an attorney representing Hunter Biden inadvertently verified the authenticity of the laptops from which the Biden emails came.   

Housley says that he spoke with the owner of the Mac store that had the Biden laptops. The store owner allegedly told him that an attorney representing Hunter Biden emailed a demand that the laptops in question be returned to Biden, just a day before the New York Post story came out.

As proof, Housely shared a Twitter post of the email from the Biden attorney.   

If the email is proven to be authentic, that could lead to several conclusions none of them good for the Biden campaign.

First, it demonstrates that it’s difficult to run out the clock when you don’t have the ball.

Despite a widespread mainstream media blackout story– or maybe even because of the black out– the internet still has lots of channels to distribute information.

The people who have the alleged Hunter laptops are in control and the information they are leaking, whether true or not, is hurting Biden.

Polling show Biden’s supposed lead over Trump slipping for the last week, with the BD/TIPP 2020 Presidential Election Tracking Poll saying that Biden lost 3.6 points, from an 8.6 percent lead to just 5 percent.

Next, the very request by the attorney representing Hunter Biden for the return of the laptops in question, if authenticated, is an acknowledgment that’s the laptops indeed belong to Hunter Biden.  

“Proves they spoke and has a time stamp. Absolutely consequential because it matches his timeline. Also attorneys don’t call someone asking for something if it’s fake,” says Housely.

It also destroys the Biden attempt to say the emails are a part of a Russian disinformation campaign. Attorney’s also don’t call and demand evidence that was manufactured by Russia and then dropped on the doorstep of an unwitting—or witting—store owner.  

And finally, and very significantly, if verified as accurate, it starts to put outside pressure on the FBI about what they did or didn’t do and why they did or didn’t do it in regards to the laptops. The FBI picked up the laptops by subpoena in 2019 and, so far, have been quiet about them.  

“This issue is why did the FBI not address this more than a year ago? They also came back with a subpoena after seeing it. You don’t do that for nothing,” says Housely.

Yeah, you don’t. Hunter has some explaining to do, hopefully under oath.




  1. Omega 2 October 20, 2020

    Nothing FAKE HERE as all the evidence is REAL DYNOMITE AGAINST BOTH BIDENS! One note showing pay outs to the recipients includes OLD UKRAINE JOE’S NAME OF THE ” BIG GUY ” ! A 50 50 cut to the BIG BOY and the other 50 for the rest!

  2. jboo7 October 20, 2020

    Daddy Biden may deny a lot, but the fact is that his son would never even have heard of Ukraine, not to mention Burisma, if not his father had been Obama’s chief rep. in the “Regime Change”, speak Maidan Massacre (plus the Odessa one, and the several ones around DonBass).
    Joe Biden’s and Ms. Nuland’s connection with and support for “Our Yats” (Yatseniuk, founder and head of the Ukrainian Fascist Party), and the murderous activities of “Our Yats” and his deputy Mr. Paruby were the basis for young Mr. Biden’s unexpected business riches, and it is hardly likely that the ‘Beneficiary’ will not give the ‘Benefactor’ some share in the shameful loot.
    We have to bear in mind that, immediately after the Maidan shooting that killed 100 innocent people, the Ukrainian Parliamentary Commission found that “no police weapons were involved in the killings” – so, the NYT and WashPost and Obama stories about “police did it” are a clear lie.
    In fact, the weapons were Saiga hunting rifles (with sniper visors) brought to Kiev by the fascist Mr. Salogi Parasyuk and his troop (of 20 or so who had been trained in NATO Poland) who fired onto Maidan Square from a building, not direct on the square but in Gomoldetsky Street.
    A “nice” trick had been prepared for the case that the people on Maidan would realize that the shots came not from any policemen but from buildings around hotel Ukraina and the Philharmonic: Three snipers had been brought in from Georgia (not USA), they say, by the Georgian ex-President Sakashvili, and they were in the front building – and surprised when bullets flew past them. The crowd would have found them first and killed them – and the false passports they had been given, and the words of “Our Yats” and Mr. Paruby (who was seen at the hotel Ukraina) would have “identified” them as “Russian agents”.
    The methods used by Obama & Co for “Regime Changes”, whether using Jihadists in Libya, arming and financing ISIS in Syria, or collaborating with Fascists in Ukraine, are neither for Ms. Clinton nor for Mr. Biden any recommendation for anything but long-term prison. Maybe, President Trump should order the arrest and interrogation of Bryan Christopher Bovenger, formerly in US 101 air born division, who instructed the snipers in Kiev – who sent him?

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