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Dumped, duplicate and deceased voters plague American elections in 2020

Across the United States, the integrity of American elections is being questioned for good reason.

In the liberal race to make sure that anyone can vote, they have created a jog jam of ballots that threaten legitimate voters of every political persuasion.

Stories of thousands of duplicate ballots causing legitimate ballots to be invalidated, illegal dumping of ballots by United States Postal workers and general confusion over mail-in ballots are cropping up each day.

The hardest-hit state is the battleground of Pennsylvania, where authorities say that they have rejected 372,000 ballot applications because of duplicate registrations.

“More than 90% of those applications, or about 336,000, were denied as duplicates,” says the Pittsburg Post-Gazette, “primarily because people who had requested mail ballots for the state’s June 2 primary did not realize they had checked a box to be sent ballots for the general election, too. Voters have also been baffled by unclear or inaccurate information on the state’s ballot-tracking website, and by a wave of mail ballot applications from political parties and get-out-the-vote groups.”

In New Jersey, ballots are being sent to dead and out-of-state-voters.

“This is very upsetting to people,” Morris County Clerk Ann Grossi told NJ.com, referring to family members who received ballots for deceased relatives. “I don’t know how prevalent it is. I just don’t think it should be happening.”

In New York, the state elections authorities have admitted one case where 100,000 voters got a duplicate ballot, with another person’s name on the ballot. Voting such a ballot would disqualify the vote, making it necessary to send another ballot.

In Virginia, the state says that they sent out 1,400 duplicate mail-in ballots, but one Virginia county says that they sent out 1,000 duplicates alone.  

In Kentucky and New Jersey, United States Postal Service carriers are facing federal charges after dumping nearly 2,000 mail-in ballots.

And these are the instances that we have been told about, where no harm has been found to be done to the integrity of the election — yet.

There are countless other instances that we don’t know about where people who are intent on voter fraud get away with such fraud because they know how to take advantage of the system, especially with duplicate registrations and with deceased voters.

It’s a big number.

“There are currently 349,773 deceased registrants on the voter rolls in 41 states. The worst states in this regard are Michigan, Florida, New York, Texas, and California, which account for roughly 51% of the dead voters who are still mistakenly registered,” says Heritage.

Add in another 43,000 who voted at two different addresses in 2016, 10,00 who voted in two different states, 34,000 who used commercial addresses to register, and we are talking about a potential 500,000 fraudulent votes from a small sample that Heritage took from states just before the 2020 tsunami of voter registrations and duplicate registrations.

So there is good reason to question the vote and there is good reason to hold our elected officials in each state accountable for the integrity of the vote.

It is, after all, a mess that they created.

PHOTO: Mario Tama/Getty Images

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1 Comment

  1. jboo7 October 20, 2020

    The question should be: Which number or percentage of faulty or fraudulent ballots arriving at Election Offices should force SCOTUS to ORDER ANOTHER ELECTION? Considering the mere numbers appearing now, such a move seems inevitable. At the same time, any fraud knowingly committed against the FAIRNESS OF AN ELECTION should carry a sentence of 15 years to life.

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