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CIA ‘Color Revolutions’ to be used as template for anti-Trump protests after election in U.S.

A feature story by Revolver shows scary similarities between U.S.-fostered “Color Revolutions” around the world that toppled regimes that were thought to be hostile to U.S. interests and the so-called “resistance” movement domestically that has tried to kick Trump out of the White House and protest against police.

The feature shows how protest movements are joined with government bureaucrats, non-profits and media by the CIA in a manner very similar to the Black Lives Matter protests that have gripped the nation for the last six months.

“In our previous report on Never Trump State Department official George Kent, Revolver News drew attention to the ominous similarities between the strategies and tactics the United States government employs in so-called ‘Color Revolutions’ and the coordinated efforts of government bureaucrats, NGOs, and the media to oust President Trump,” said Revolver in the introduction to a story that concentrates on “contested elections.”

One uber-scary scenario of a contested election under the Color model is a constitutional crisis where the election results are thrown into question over allegations of voter fraud by both sides.

What makes it over-the-top-scary is that it’s a scenario that leftist group Transition Integrity Project, sponsored by George Soros, has already “war-gamed” for its side, coming to the conclusion, that violence is pretty much inevitable no matter what the outcome of the election.

“All of our scenarios ended in both street-level violence and political impasse,” said Rosa Brooks, a professor of law and policy at Georgetown University, and a former Defense Department official who helped organize the group, told the Globe according to Newsweek.

That includes a scenario where Trump wins fair and square, but fails to get a popular vote victory.  

For the so-called Integrity group, made up of Never-Trump bitter enders like Bill Kristol and Hillary Clinton’s former campaign manager John Podesta—who couldn’t even protect his own email password—the violence and disorder is a feature and benefit of the crisis, not antipathetic to their aims.    

They are so giddy about the disorder that they have already made plans to take advantage of the strife, just like the CIA would in their “Color Revolutions”.

“We are working with congressional leaders and 2020 candidates of both parties, grassroots organizations, and democracy experts on plans for reform that would help ensure that we turn this crisis into an opportunity for strengthening our democracy,” says the organization’s sponsor site, ProtectDemocracy.org.

In a giveaway statement, they note that the “four years after President Nixon left office provided a fertile environment for reform, and we are planning to be ready for a similar moment in the future.”

In the war-gamed scenario, the group included a Trump electoral victory AND Trump popular vote defeat as one of the scenarios where Trump refused to concede defeat, which of course is how Trump –and Bush and Lincoln—got elected in the first place and is still how we elect presidents whether the leftists like it or not.

The idea, no matter what scenario, is to make the election illegitimate, just as they tried with the Russia hoax, to be able to argue for some extra-legal remedy, using mass protest and violence and media pressure to either force Trump out or prevent him from governing, just like the CIA does around the world.

So, no matter the outcome, prepare for the same actors in the BLM movement (media, bureaucrats like attorney generals, non-profits, sports figures and Antifa protesters) to come out and call the government illegitimate on any result short of a Biden inauguration in January.

As Jeff Giesea at American Greatness said, “Establishment disinformation, more than any other form of disinformation, is killing Western democracy. Establishment disinformation has caused more real-world harm to Western democracy than any other force in the last two decades.”

PHOTO: Win McNamee/Getty Images

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  1. Gary October 20, 2020

    These are reasons why we need everyone to vote and vote straight Republican. We need a landslide victory for Trump. Hopefully that would take some of the teeth out of the left’s violence.

  2. Gerry October 20, 2020

    There is little doubt there will be violence no matter who wins(Trump in a landslide) — the only question is how bad will it be allowed to get. The demoRAT/libtard/socialists seem willing to let it go on forever or even adding to it which I believe will be their downfall. They would rather watch or aid in the destruction of our country than have a Conservative or repub president which says a whole lot about the way they want this country to go. Any voter who votes for a demoRAT is saying they want to live under socialism and communism.

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