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Tucker Carlson destroys press, Intel community, politicos on disinformation: ‘Dumber than Joe McCarthy’

For nearly a quarter-century, the name of Joe McCarthy has been invoked to question those who cater to the worst of American fears, who use secret information to slander and libel patriotic citizens and to brand them un-American without due process.

Last night, Tucker Carlson perfectly invoked McCarthy to explain the woke attack on people who demand accountability in government, media and presidential candidates.

Calling attempts to defend Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s non-response to the scandal over Hunter Biden’s laptops “worse and dumber than anything Joe McCarthy ever said,” Carlson excoriated the media that refuses to report on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal; the U.S. intelligence community that attempts to downplay the laptop’s information as “Russian” to protect Democrats and warmongers; and the establishment politicians who know better but are too corrupt to care.

“What you’re watching is the most powerful people in America aligning as one to hide legitimate information from the public,” said Carlson. “This is not the way our country used to operate. Are you terrified yet? You should be terrified because it worked. That’s why they do it, because it works.”   

In a rush to clear Joe Biden before they have even investigated what appear to be authentic emails from the junior Biden attempting to cash in on his powerful father, the media, says Carlson “never bothered to assess whether the core story was true.”

That’s because they can’t afford for it to be true, because if even half-true, it’s a disaster for their handpicked presidential stand-in, Joe Biden… and a disaster for the U.S.

“One very newsworthy series of emails showed that as vice president of the United States, Joe Biden tailored American foreign policy — our foreign policy, which Joe Biden does not own — in order to help his son’s business interests,” said Carlson.

More ominously, Carlson picks out one of the biggest dangers to the American Republic, the subversion of the U.S. intelligence community that always seems to intervene in domestic politics these days in order to prop up wars, or Democrats or anything that touches on their core interests, which apparently are now wars and Democrats.

“Every power center in America vehemently agreed with [the destruction of the First Amendment] and most ominous of all, the U.S. intelligence community, the secretive federal agencies that have nearly unlimited power, joined in. Those agencies colluded with the news media to hide information from the American public weeks before a presidential election,” said Carlson.

We used to be able to trust the intelligence community because they rarely used their powers to intervene in politics, especially presidential campaigns.

But somewhere over the last few years, the intel community decided that the laws that said they could not operate in the U.S. were more a guideline to be avoided than a rule.

And when they are done with Trump, they’ll come after you if you don’t behave.

“Otherwise, maybe you’re working for Vladimir Putin. Maybe you’re a Russian spy. Want to get accused of that? Of treason? I don’t think so,” added Carlson.

PHOTO: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for Politicon

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  1. Bemused Berserker October 20, 2020

    The real truth is that any and all foreign collusion and influence, whether Russian or others, was taking place in the Democrat party. It’s still going on with Foreign Asshats like George Soros’ dumping of millions in specific local and State races.

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