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Fed-up Trump throws down with ’60 Minutes’ after ‘combative’ interview, threatens to show it before airtime

Ronald Reagan made the White House Address famous for his ability to go over the heads of the press directly to the people in his speeches from the White House.

Trump uses a slightly different media.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump went over the heads of the mainstream media directly to the people via twitter again to expose more MSM hypocrisy. This time the targets were the folks at 60 Minutes and their long-time reporter Lesley Stahl.

After a combative 45-minute interview with Stahl, Trump walked out, angry at the bias that the mainstream media continually shows the president, in contrast to the deference that they always show Democrat nominee Joe Biden.

“After 45 minutes, Trump looked at staff members and said, ‘I think we’re done,’” according to the Washington Post.

The president then tweeted out a video of Stahl speaking with folks at the White House while not wearing a mask.

“White House press aide Karoline Leavitt, who also had COVID-19, said Stahl had criticized her for working un-masked. ‘Rules for thee but not for me,’” wrote Leavitt according to the Daily Mail.

Stahl prefaced her interview by asking Trump if he was ready for a tough interview, says the Daily Mail.

Therein followed the usual pattern of the mainstream media, blaming Trump for everything from the Gretchen Whitmer kidnap plot to disagreements with St. Fauci over coronavirus response and quibbling about the size of Trump crowds at rallies.

According to an account by the Washington Post, Trump was worried that 60 Minutes would edit the video selectively to make him look bad, in comparison with the lovefest they will have for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

CBS News, the parent company for 60 minutes, is featuring an interview with Biden and Harris for Sunday.

Trump said that he might be releasing video of the interview by the 60 Minutes crew “for the sake of accuracy in reporting.”

“I am pleased to inform you that,” Trump tweeted, “for the sake of accuracy in reporting, I am considering posting my interview with Lesley Stahl of 60 Minutes, PRIOR TO AIRTIME! This will be done so that everybody can get a glimpse of what a FAKE and BIASED interview is all about…”

“The interview was not that bad,” a White House staff member told the Post. “It wasn’t a bad interview. She just had a tone he didn’t like.”

That’s because she’s part of the mainstream media, which finds it impossible to report with any authenticity.

Sam Donaldson, the feared and famed ABC White House reporter, was a tough interview and consider a kind jerk, but he was a jerk to everybody equally even if he was a liberal.

But somewhere around that time that Chris Matthews said he felt Barack Obama make a tingle go up his leg, the idea of objective journalists, who don’t insert themselves into every story, died.

And most Republicans have struggled against that bias– until Trump, who tweets so he can speak to the people, not the press.

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  1. Truckman October 21, 2020

    release the video show the people what kind of crap cbs has on staff the one that really needs to be exposed is cbs evening news

  2. WJH October 21, 2020

    I have the alphabet soup channels blocked along with porn channels.
    I search out non traditional radio and TV news and talk shows. Why spend the time fact checking the msm only to find it was a lie or info was edited out.

  3. Patricia October 22, 2020

    What a letdown! Always thought Ms Stahl was a journalist with integrity. Not surprised at all that CBS is involved… they have shown their extreme bias from the start. No longer watch anything on CBS as I am a Conservative and they make it very clear that they do not want anything to do with me..I’m just a disgusting non-democrat to them. Why in the world would I want to help their ratings??

  4. watchman October 22, 2020

    My old daddy used to say “every dog has his day” hers is coming very soon…….

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