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CNN’s Stelter covers for friend Toobin the old fashioned way, by lying

CNN media correspondent, Brian Stelter, is covering the absence of CNN legal analyst Jeffery Toobin from the network in the same way that the network is covering the Hunter/Joe Biden laptop story.

He’s lying about it.

“Jeffrey Toobin has been sidelined at a pivotal moment in the run-up to the presidential election. The reason: He exposed himself during a Zoom call with New Yorker colleagues in what he says was an accident,’’ tweeted Stelter.

Toobin is taking some time off after it was revealed that he masturbated during a Zoom video call in front of his colleagues from another publication after not muting the video.

So, the part where he forgot to mute the video feed was certainly an accident. But as one Twitter user noted, the moment he decided to unzip his pants and masturbate while he watched his colleagues on a Zoom call, certainly wasn’t an accident.

“Except he didn’t accidentally jerk off during a work meeting; he just ‘accidentally’ let people see it. During a work meeting. He *intentionally* jerked off during a work meeting. On the clock. While looking at his colleagues. THAT is the problem, not the ‘accidental’ exposure,” said the user in a tweet widely circulated by the New York Post.


As I told a colleague recently, there is only one right answer to the question on how Toobin should have decided to handle the incident. That is, it’s not a multiple choice that can be treated like an “accident.”

Keep your pants on isn’t just a figure of speech, it’s good advice for liberal men.  

Because Twitter users also have made the case that Toobin represents all men.

“This is why we should have more women in charge, in the spotlight and in more places of influence. We don’t do stupid stuff like this,” said Shibani Joshi, a journalist at Fox Business, ABC News and Yahoo Finance.


Nio, he mostly represents liberal men.

But in fairness to the rest of the men in the world, incidents like this are lot less common than that other measure of sanity that liberals like to tout: voter fraud.

We should just all be happy that this isn’t just another case of Russian disinformation and that CNN is treating the story the old-fashioned way, by out-and-out fabrications rather than by involving Facebook and Twitter censorship to fabricate an alibi.


“This can’t be true,” said another Twitter user sarcastically, “his wife worked for the Obama administration. He must be a good person or Democrat party press office – CNN branch- wouldn’t hire him.”

PHOTO: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for WarnerMedia

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  1. sly311 October 21, 2020

    This guy, Stelter, just oozes sleaze. Just looking at his picture makes me want to Murine my eyes.

  2. WJH October 21, 2020

    Must be true butt buddies. Just goes to show you the left are truly mentally sicofants. no morals, ethics or personal shame. They go on Tv as resident experts trashing POTUS all the while jacking off. So professional of you. I assume the femal colleagues will feel real comfortable with this dude in an elevator or office.

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