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Rats! Flake and Kasich looking at Biden cabinet jobs

Political rats are always looking for a way to get into high office.

That’s why it should come as no surprise that former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake and Ohio Gov. John Kasich, both Republicans, are being vetted for cabinet positions in a potential Joe Biden administration.

“Joe Biden is reportedly considering several Republicans for cabinet positions if he wins the presidential election including Ohio Gov. John Kasich and former Arizona Sen. Jeff Flake,” says the UK’s Daily Mail.

Both men are rats in the colloquial sense that they ratted on their party and their ideals to make a deal to support Joe Biden. Both are rejecting Trump, and both are expecting to be rewarded by the Biden team for the compromise.

But the problem with being a rat is that the people from the other party never like them to begin with because, hey, they are rats from the other side.

Nobody from any party likes rats, even if they support the rat you’re trying to elect.

They will never be trusted.

“I don’t understand why someone who says, ‘I am the Democratic Party,’ would then hand benefits to someone who’s not a Democrat,” said Jeff Hauser, director of the Revolving Door Project, a left-leaning advocacy group he founded in 2015 to scrutinize executive branch appointees to keep them free of GOP rats.

The Revolving Door project says that they oppose rewarding any GOP party members on principal.


“If the Biden administration truly wants to govern on a bipartisan platform, it does not need to include GOP has-beens who represent the dying breaths of a party now fully committed to Trump,” says Elias Alsbergas, a project blogger.

Beyond wondering how these guys on the left don’t understand that Joe Biden is a man without any real politics, a Democrat, Republican or otherwise; that he’s a man intent on inside deals that he learned in the U.S. Senate, a place that routinely uses “bipartisan” as a cover for corruption, I’m wondering what they think “bipartisan” actually means.

Or what the word means to Flake or Kasich.

Because for the pair, it would be hard to interpret accepting a cabinet position in a Biden administration — as the administration tries to defund police and re-fund communist China — as anything other than a wholly partisan surrender to the principals that they have said for years that they espoused. 


The sum of political parties today is not in any one individual, even someone as forceful as Donald Trump. 

The sum is in what they actually accomplish.

For Kasich and Flake, they’ll accomplish nothing in a Biden cabinet that is commensurate with the ideals they said they held for years campaigning as Republicans.

Instead, they’ll just be rats.

PHOTO: Handout/DNCC via Getty Images

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  1. sly311 October 21, 2020

    Kasich needs to get the merry mailman bag on and as for Flake, maybe window washing?

  2. JC December 17, 2020

    These two jerks need a swift kick in the arse not a job. Two worthless lumps of poop.

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