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Biden takes heat for saying America just an ‘idea’ that never lived up to promises

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is taking heat today for comments that he made to a podcast saying that America is just an “idea” that has never lived up to its promise.

After 47 years in government as a Democrat, it’s understandable that Joe Biden knows something about not living up to ideals.

His comments echo that of Michelle Obama in 2008, who said while campaigning that prior to her husband running for president she had never really been proud of the United States.

“America was an idea, an idea,” Biden told Brené Brown during the podcast Unlocking Us. “‘We hold these truths to be self-evident.’ We’ve never lived up to it, but we’ve never walked away from it before. And I just think we have to be more honest. Let our kids know, as we raise them, what actually did happen. Acknowledge our mistakes so we don’t repeat them.”

Critics immediately rushed to refute Biden, pointing out American examples of selflessness and heroism.

“When my father lay wounded on a beach in the Pacific defending his country in World War II,” tweeted actor James Wood, “America more than lived up to her promise. When Americans walked on the moon, we were the brightest star in the firmament. If you weren’t owned by China, you might love this country, too.”

Others hit Biden for the Democrat predilection of constantly apologizing to the rest of the world on behalf of America for not being perfect.

“And so begins the Apology Tour: Part 2. Every day, millions of Americans wake up and live up to American ideals. But Joe Biden wants to sell us all out to appease those who can never find happiness,” wrote another Twitter user.

The influence of America on the rest of the world and its history is quite profound, which Joe would know if he would spend any time in his basement reading actual books.

This establishment of the US Constitution, for example, means that the majority of countries today have established the rule of law by following constitutional principles that they got from the US.

It’s understandable that Biden doesn’t know anything about that, since he seems intent on not following the rule of law, at least for himself and his family.

In addition, 45 million Americans today are foreign-born, who fled countries that had no ideals at all. If America was such a failure, there wouldn’t be such a crush to immigrate here.

The Trump campaign hit back, saying that Biden’s comments were a strange way to campaign as a leader of the free world.

“Joe Biden’s closing argument is that America has always been a disappointment,” said Trump campaign communications director Tim Murtaugh.

“47 years, 0 accomplishments. Americans deserve better than your apology tour,” tweeted House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA).

Maybe if Joe Biden weren’t so enamored of the Chinese, and their cash, he’d understand what makes America is so exceptional.

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