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Obama hits campaign trail for Biden, but Trump reminds Americans who has their backs

Former President Barack Obama hit the campaign trail for his former vice president Joe Biden in Pennsylvania on Wednesday and he didn’t hold anything back. Obama lit into President Donald Trump for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic and other hot button issues during his first in-person campaign event of the 2020 election.

Obama’s visit to the battleground state further shows just how important both campaigns believe Pennsylvania will be in determining the outcome of the election.

“He hasn’t shown any interest in doing the work or helping anybody but himself and his friends,” Obama said. “This is not a reality show. This is reality, and the rest of us have had to live with the consequences of him proving himself incapable of taking the job seriously.”

The former president hit hard at Trump for his poor response to COVID-19. He told the crowd that eight months into the pandemic, cases continue to rise and that Trump clearly doesn’t have a plan to keep Americans safe.

“We literally left this White House a pandemic playbook that would have shown them how to respond before the virus hit our shores,” Obama said. “Donald Trump isn’t going to protect all of us. He can’t even take the basic steps to protect himself.”

Obama appealed to voters who might be on the fence or fed up with politics and said he knows that Biden and his running mate Kamala Harris are the people to lead America out of its current hardships.

“America is a good and decent place, but we’ve just seen so much nonsense and noise that sometimes it’s hard to remember,” he said. “I’m asking you to remember what this country can be. I’m asking you to believe in Joe’s ability and Kamala’s ability to lead this country out of these dark times and help us build it back better.”

Trump remained on the campaign trail on Wednesday as well attending another packed rally in North Carolina. Obama’s crowd consisted of about 300 cars at a drive-in event while Trump stepped off Air Force One into a crowd of thousands. The president appeared to fire back at Obama by saying unlike his predecessor, he doesn’t apologize for America.

“For years you had a President who apologized for America—now you have a President who is standing up for America, and standing up for YOU. So get your friends, get your family, get your neighbors and co-workers, and GET OUT AND VOTE. Together, we are going to #MAGA,” the president tweeted.

Democrats are likely to continue to use Obama to attempt to drive turnout in the last weeks of the election, especially among young voters.

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