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Trump eyeballing removal of FBI Director Wray for failure to act, sources tell WaPo

President Trump and his top advisors are weighing the possibility of firing FBI Director Christopher Wray after the upcoming election after several notable failures by the top law-enforcement agency says a report by the Washington Post.

“It comes as Trump has escalated his rhetoric against Wray – voicing anger at the director’s public statements on issues like Antifa, voting fraud and Russian election interference – and has declined to give him a public vote of confidence,” says the UK’s Daily Mail.

The last straw, however, may be Wray’s refusal to investigate the allegations that have surfaced of influence-peddling as the result of Hunter Biden’s laptop contents being leaked to the public.

While Wray apologists would likely say that the head of the FBI is trying to keep the FBI out of politics, critics say, rightly, that their failure to honestly investigate crimes reeks of politics.

“Attention Bernie Bros. The FBI had this real info last December but refused to investigate Burisma Joe. Instead, they used fake info to Page-Strzok spin a false Russia collusion yarn.  Poor Bernie. First Clintoned, then FBI-Bidoned,”  Trump advisor Peter Navarro said about the FBI’s refusal to investigate Joe Biden and its effect on the Democrat race for the presidential nomination.

Despite overwhelming evidence of suspected wrongdoing in the Hunter Biden case, the FBI refuses to act. It flies in the face of the mandate for reform that elected Trump to begin with.

In 2016, the FBI refused to get involved in Hillary Clinton’s misuse of private email servers to conduct government business, a clear violation of the law, other than to use weasel words to say she used poor judgment in an act that would have landed anybody else in jail.

To some extent, Trump’s election can be tied to that dereliction of duty.

And the dereliction isn’t just a moneyed thing. It’s as much political as it is about money and influence.

“Let’s play a little game called what if it was Don Trump Jr? Do you think every media outlet would desperately be running cover for me? I think it would be a huge fricken deal. Laptop connected to Hunter Biden linked to FBI money laundering probe,” said Trump Jr of the failure.

Contrast the failure of the FBI in the Biden case with the constant drum-beat of news that the FBI made while they “investigated” Trump during the Russia probe.

“In public comments, though, Wray readily acknowledges the ‘unacceptable’ mistakes he says the FBI has made [in the Trump investigation], noting that officials responsible have been fired or have retired, and points to the more than 40 corrective actions he has instituted to prevent surveillance problems from recurring,” says the Daily Mail.

It’s understandable that Trump takes little solace from those words.

Words can’t make up for the ordeal that FBI has put the country through, only actions.

How do I explain to my friend whose son was jailed for possession of one joint of marijuana, which cost the family $12,000 and a prison term, that the FBI can’t figure out how to prosecute people who are plundering not just our treasury, but our public life?

I don’t. I share his outrage. And so does Trump.

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