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Presidential race reportedly looking more like 2016 than MSM-touted polling shows

As the presidential election campaign eyes the last two weeks, President Donald Trump is showing better than at any time since the Democrats nominated Joe Biden to be the challenger. Additionally, Biden shows some signs of fading, says recent polling from Investor’s Business Daily.

“Since the IBD/TIPP 2020 Presidential Election Tracking Poll launched Oct. 12, Biden’s support has slipped 3.4 points, from 51.9%. Trump poll numbers have gone the other way, rising 2.6 points to his new high-water mark of 46%. That’s just one-tenth of a point below his 46.1% 2016 vote share. Trump won the 2016 presidential election, despite losing the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 2.1 points,” says IBD.com.

After four years of investigations that led the country nowhere, the election in 2020 looks a lot like the 2016 tilt.

“We feel better about our pathway to victory right now than we have at any point in the campaign this year,” Trump’s campaign manager, Bill Stepien, told staff on a conference call this week according to the Associated Press. “And this optimism is based on numbers and data, not feel, not sense.”

Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania once again could all be key to a Trump victory.

In addition, Trump is looking to add Minnesota and Nevada, states that he lost in 2016.

Trump supporters are buoyed by the fatal predictions in the 2016 election of an inevitable, over-90-percent chance that Hillary Clinton would win according to the funky math that election experts in the MSM do to predict the outcome they want.

“From everything I can see, it’s a statistical tie,” said Jennifer Krantz, a Tampa native and Republican strategist who has worked on multiple state races says of the current race.

That analysis flies in the face of MSM headlines that say Biden has a commanding lead nationally and is ahead or tied in nearly every swing state.

Just a week ago, CNBC reported that NBC’s average of polling showed Biden with a nine-point lead nationally, roughly in line with other widely reported poll averages.

“FiveThirtyEight’s national polling tracker gave Biden a 10.3-point advantage. As of Thursday morning, the analytics site gave Biden an 87% chance of winning the election,” said CNBC.

Trump supporters can take heart from the fact that FiveThirtyEight rated Hillary Clinton’s chances of winning at 92 percent in 2016.

“Though Hillary Clinton led in the now-cast poll since it began June 8, after the Republican National Convention, from July 25 to July 29, Donald Trump jumped ahead. But now, Clinton has her most commanding lead yet. Today, now-cast predicts that there is a 92 percent chance Clinton would win the general election if it were held today,” said the Oregonian in 2016.

That turned out pretty good for Trump.

Because turnout is the key at this point for both campaigns.

Despite what the polls say, whoever turns out the voters from here on out will win.


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