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Black British ‘Equalities Minister’ blasts critical race theory in fiery floor speech

Fox News anchor Chris Wallace demonstrated profound ignorance or cynicism during the first presidential debate when he dismissed President Donald Trump’s opposition to critical race theory as undermining “sensitivity training.”

Perhaps Wallace and others who buy into the race-baiting theories of hucksters like Ibram X. Kendi or Robin DiAngelo should consult British Member of Parliament Kemi Badenoch. Maybe American conservatives could use some Kemi as well.

Badenoch is Black, a Tory and she is also Britain’s Equalities Minister, which, as noted by Steven Hayward of the PowerLine blog, “sounds perfectly sinister and Orwellian.”

Despite her title, Badenoch’s thinking aligns with American conservatives who believe viewing all of U.S, history, as well as modern life, through the prism of race is an affront to our national heritage and stymies the improvement of race relations.

In a recent speech on the floor of Parliament, as members discussed Britain’s own Black History Month, Badenoch noted that she welcomed her nation’s conversation on race and the effort to spotlight Black Britons “who enrich our collective national life.”

But she then challenged the “recent fad” in Britain’s education system, particularly in universities, “to make race the defining principle of what is studied.” That, she added, “is not just misguided, but actively opposed to the fundamental purpose of education.”

“Our curriculum does not need decolonizing,” she added.

In an observation that should resonate in America – in public education but especially in government agencies and corporate boardrooms – Badenoch specifically outlined the danger of critical race theory, which holds that inequality among individuals is the product of racism within institutions and societal structures. 

She condemned it as a “dangerous trend in race relations” because it promotes “victimhood” among Blacks and Whiteness as “oppression.” The lawmaker also rejected the idea of Black Lives Matter as a “completely wholesome, anti-racist organization.” It is, she said, first and foremost a political movement.

Badenoch pointed out the absurdity that accompanies critical race theory when, during a Black Lives Matter protest, a White demonstrator was denouncing a Black police officer as a “pet n—–.”

“We do not want to see teachers teaching their White pupils about White privilege and inherited racial guilt,” Badenoch said. “And let me be clear: any school which teaches these elements of critical race theory as fact, or which promotes partisan political views, such as defunding the police, without offering a balanced treatment of opposing views is breaking the law.”

Badenoch also tapped into the fundamental tenet of democratic rule, as practiced for eons in Britain, and as America has inherited from her.

Noting that the Liberal MPs had not engaged with Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s commission on improving race relations, Badenoch argued her opponents simply wanted their program adopted instead of working toward a bipartisan consensus.

“We won an election just a year ago. If members on the other side want to implement their … strategy, they should go ahead and win an election, win the support of the British people and then they can have their way,” she said.

The MP, who grew up in Nigeria, pointed out, “You cannot improve history. You can only learn from it,” adding that “Black history is not the history of institutional racism.”

Growing up in Africa, she maintained that she learned more about black African slave traders who existed before and after the trans-Atlantic slave trade than British children are now taught. Badenoch said she was offended when her daughter came home from school and said she was learning about Black History Month because the other 11 months were about “White history.”

“This is wrong and this is not what our children should be picking up,” Badenoch argued. She said such a mindset reflected the “pernicious identity politics that looks as individuals primarily as groups of biological characteristics.”

Like Badenoch, the Trump administration has correctly identified the threat critical race theory poses and the damage it could do if fully implemented.

As she advised, the best way to prevent that is to win an election.

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