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Biden recalls America’s ‘good relationship’ with Hitler in history lesson gone MASSIVELY wrong

During the final debate last night, Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden committed the mortal sin of any debate, televised or otherwise.

He mentioned Hitler, and to make matters worse, he got the history completely wrong.

In an argument with Trump about US relations with North Korea, Biden invoked Der Fuehrer’s name.

Trump was defending his foreign-policy with North Korea by saying it was better to have a “We’re not in a war, we have a good relationship” type of attitude with Kim Jong Un than to be on the verge of war.

“That’s like saying we had a good relationship with Hitler before he in fact invaded Europe,” Biden quipped, in what he likely thought was an easy point on Trump.

Social media immediately rebuked Biden, not just for mentioning the German dictator, but for getting it so wrong.

“Biden just said we had a good relationship with Hitler. This guy is straight-up senile,” said Caleb Hill, in a comment that summarizes the bizarre Joe Biden campaign.

After spending all week on debate prep, one would think that maybe Joe should read some history books while hiding in his basement thinking up witty replies about Kim Jong Un.

Because, as other have pointed out, then-US President Franklin Roosevelt was one of Hitler’s most vocal critics before World War II.

“I would like a fact check on ‘We had a good relationship with Hitler,’” tweeted Ben Domenech.

Roosevelt and Hitler hated each other. Roosevelt was much more worried about the threat to the US posed by Germany than he was about Japan.

“Say what? Biden says we had a ‘good relationship with Hitler’???? Franklin Roosevelt would disagree,” tweeted Jeffrey Lord.

And if that were Biden’s only historical gaffe, enough said. But at one point he also said Abraham Lincoln was the most racist president ever.

Referring to Trump he said “Abraham Lincoln over here is the most racist president we have ever had.”

While it’s possible Biden was just being sarcastic, the comment didn’t go over well. It made him look– or affirmed he is—deranged or senile.

“Did Joe Biden just call @realDonaldTrump Abraham Lincoln then call Abraham Lincoln a racist? Is he ok?” said CJ Pearson.

But the eulogy over Biden’s gaffes, and his campaign, was spoken by those who cited Godwin’s Law that says the longer an argument goes on, televised or otherwise, the more likely it is that someone will mention Hitler.

“Godwin’s law dictates that the longer an argument goes on, the more likely it is that someone will mention Hitler. It’s been climbing in searches on http://Dictionary.com tonight,” said Dictionary.com.

So at least, it seems, we have reached the end of the debate. There nothing left for Joe to say but “babblebabble Hitler.”

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