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A clear winner? Focus group dials in on final debate. Here’s what they said.

A focus group hosted by Fox News’ Laura Ingraham showed exactly why President Trump continues to be popular with ordinary Americans.

He thinks like ordinary Americans, he thinks about ordinary Americans and he delivers for ordinary Americans.

The focus group was held in Columbus Ohio, with supporters of both President Trump and Joe Biden to watch the final debate Thursday night.

“One attendee who believed Trump won the debate told ‘The Ingraham Angle’ that the president was correct in asserting that Joe Biden is a ‘typical politician,’ — especially when the former vice president turned to the camera and voiced what the voter considered a platitude about ‘kitchen table’ issues,” says Fox News.

“He hit the nail on the head,” the man said of Trump. “It’s politics as usual. Biden speaks to me, looking at the camera and pointing to me, and it doesn’t do anything for me.”

Biden has been widely criticized for being in Washington for 47 years but having no accomplishments to point at other than being there for a long time.

“From a farmer’s perspective, the American farmer stands with Trump 100%. We saw what happened when the relief came from the trade wars from China,” one farmer who attended the debate focus group told Fox News. “Conventional farmers all the way to sustainable agriculture and everybody in between; we saw policy become action and benefitted from the policies of the Trump Administration.”

The Trump administration’s policies for trade, agriculture and manufacturing are appealing to ordinary workers and farmers in Midwestern states that have traditionally relied on manufacturing and agriculture.

It’s reminiscent of Reagan’s appeal to rustbelt Democrats, who felt that they had been forgotten by their party during the liberals’ rush to be uber-progressive in the 1970s.

40 years later the Democrat Party has all but admitted that it no longer has any room ideologically from what used to be known as Reagan Democrats.


“This week’s debates made it obvious that the moderate platform is simply to obstruct any necessary deep structural changes and to placate voters who fear the younger brown and black progressive ‘hordes.’ But we are actually a coalition of people across class and ethnic lines who recognize, finally, that the moderate forces are not our allies, that the ‘Reagan Democrats’ are not the belles of this ball. We are not willing to cede to Republican policies and undermine the desires of our own base. The center has moved left — and, for those relying on the center-right, the panic has set in,” wrote Democrat activist Syreeta McFadden last year for NBCNews.

How Joe Biden, who used to be thought of as a “moderate” in Democrat circles, can govern a coalition that rejects him, can be seen by counting how many days he stayed in his basement and avoided meeting people just like McFadden during this campaign.


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