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Biden-friendly presidential historian slings nasty insults at Trump supporters

It comes as no surprise that historian Jon Meacham hates Donald Trump.

He’s been a regular fixture of Never Trumpers and Democrat campaign circuits for years, as he currently boasts the title of NBC contributor.

But now Meacham has engaged in the tired liberal tactic of calling Trump supporters names, especially white, male Trump supporters, who he called “lizard brains” after Trump’s great debate performance last night.

“I think Trump did himself good with his base tonight. The question for America is how big that base is,” Meacham said in a post-debate analysis, before later adding, “There is a lizard brain in this country. Donald Trump is a product of the white man’s, the anguished, nervous white guy’s lizard brain.”

Meacham previously criticized Trump as a new Father Coughlin, the anti-Semitic Catholic priest. He was also dismissive of Trump’s since-credited accounts of the Russia investigation as spying on his campaign, and –the worst thing of all for Meacham– blasts Trump for not being eloquent, ala Roosevelt, JFK or Reagan.

“Twitter could, in the right and calm hands, be a tool for presidential good,” said Meacham in the New York Times two years ago. “Of course, people worry that in the hands of President Trump, it is instead a tool for division and social erosion.”

Yes, because calling people “lizard brains” is so ennobling for us all.

“Lift us up, oh lizard brains.”


Quite honestly, if there is a new Father Coughlin in the country today, it’s Representative Ilhan Omar (D-MN) and Rashia Tlaib (D-MI). And Jon Meacham. And the Democrat Party.

In September of this year, just a month ago, he called the debate performance by Trump the lowest point of the presidency since Andrew Johnson.

“No hyperbole: The incumbent’s behavior this evening is the lowest moment in the history of the presidency since Andrew Johnson’s racist state papers,” Meachum tweeted.

Glad he said no hyperbole, otherwise one might have thought that he was just using hyperbole when he described Trump’s lack of eloquence as worse than Roosevelt’s internment of Japanese, or Nixon’s cover-up of Watergate, or Bill Clinton diddling an intern in the White House.

Or worse than Warren Harding, the Biden stand-in of 1921.

There is only one side that seems to be exploiting race and gender to score political points on an unpopular class of people who are seen as responsible for all the ills of the country and as too powerful, like anti-Semites describe the Jews and liberals describe White men.

And if that’s the best the Democrats can offer, then by all means.

Lift us up oh lizard brains.

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