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‘If you had an IQ of 11…’: James Woods roasts ignorant blue checks over ‘coyote’ confusion

Yes, the Democrat Party, which has no problem calling White men “lizard brains”, continues to display amazing ignorance in policy matters as it somehow mistook the Trump reference to “coyotes” that are used in human trafficking to actual canines in the debate last night. This caused twitter-pated liberals to mistakenly tweet about wild dogs.

When asked last night about children who came to the US illegally without parents, Trump said “These children are brought here by coyotes and lots of bad people, cartels, and they used to use them to get into our country.”

The term “coyote” seemed to throw Biden supporters for a loop.

“’The term ‘coyote’ apparently made many people think Trump was referring to the animal, or even Wile E.’  Uh, no. If you had an IQ of 11, then you might think that…” tweeted James Woods.

In fact, “coyotes” is the term for people who work as smugglers on the US-Mexican border.

It’s a term that people who are familiar with illegal immigration in the US ought to know.

But that didn’t stop liberals from exposing their ignorance.

“Imagine calling the immigrant parents that bring their children to the United States for a better life “Coyotes” The level of xenophobia is sickening,” tweeted gun control activist David Hogg.

“Did Trump just say that children are being brought here by coyotes? I thought I heard this. #Debates2020 #VoteEarly,” tweeted another Blue Check.

Even when informed of their confusion, they couldn’t give up.

“What are the odds Trump thinks actual coyotes bring kids in?” said blue-checked Julie DiCaro.

She may have written a book, but it’s likely she didn’t understand what she wrote.

Because, not understanding that term shows a real ignorance of the dangers of illegal immigration.

Unless you are a fan of open borders, there has to be a process by which people are admitted to the country. Allowing people to illegally transship anyone over the border just encourages and helps support human trafficking.

Those people are called “coyotes.”

Those same people then exploit others, including children, to other human trafficking businesses such as forced labor and prostitution using the so-called “harmless” illegal immigration networks to support overall illegal operation.

Crime always begets crime.  Liberals continue to be ignorant of that principle.

“Liberals having no idea what a ‘coyote’ is in the context of immigration is one of my favorite things ever,” said Caleb Hull while sharing screenshots of liberal confusion about the term on Twitter.

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