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Oops! Biden brags he’s assembled the ‘most extensive voter fraud organization in history of American politics’

Call it a gaffe or a Freudian slip or a Bidenism or a plain admission but Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden has conservatives furious over a video in which he says that Democrats have built the “most extensive voter fraud organization in American history.”

In a podcast question and answer session with Pod Save America hosted by Jon Lovett and Dan Pfeiffer Biden is asked “And, part two, for the folks who have already voted, the 50 million Americans who’ve already voted, what can they do over the last 10 days to help make sure that you’re the next United States?”

“Joe Biden suffered from either a senior moment or a Freudian slip when he told @PodSaveAmerica host Dan Pfeiffer – a longtime Obama aide – that his campaign has assembled the ‘most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,’” said Jon Najarian.

Biden first spends some time massaging Obama, saying “I mean, Barack is one hell of a president. And I tell you what, man, what an honor it was, I think you guys believe it, too, to serve with him.”

He then gets to the meat of his answer.

“Secondly, we’re in a situation where we have put together, and you guys did it for President Obama’s administration before this, we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics,” said Biden.

The answer is interesting not just because of what Biden said, but because the answer came in response to a question about what people who have already voted can do to help elect Biden.

To summarize.

Question: What can people do who have already voted?

Answer: Well we have the largest voter fraud network ever created!

It displays all Joe’s weaknesses as a presidential candidate, relying too much on cavalier answers that will get explained away by the mainstream media as more Biden-speak.

While it’s possible that Biden was referring to the effort to lawyer-up the election against voter supposed fraud by Republicans led by former Obama AG Eric Holder, the question of what people who voted already can do, makes that train of thought unlikely.

So, how does someone defend the train of thought that brought Biden to talk about voter fraud when asked about people who have already voted?

Conservatives immediately began mocking Biden.

“Joe: “We have the most extensive & inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics” Knew it, but thanks for confirming. Told my cat that under Biden’s plan she can vote. Seriously, this man is not fit to serve,” said one Twitter user.

It’s plain that Biden doesn’t have a strong grasp of his campaign talking points.

He’s trotted out just a few times each week, yet he makes constant mistakes in answers that make it clear that either he doesn’t put much thought into what he’s saying or he’s declining cognitively, as he can’t remember what he’s supposed to say.

“Biden has a history of misstatements,” says Fox News, “including saying he was running for the Senate in mid-October and claiming 200 million Americans have died of coronavirus in mid-September, and President Trump has pulled no punches in criticizing him.”

He recently called President Trump “George” by mistake, perhaps thinking of one of two George Bushes.

He also called Trump “Abraham Lincoln recently during the debates.


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